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Collins Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ajl, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. G'day all,
    I was wondering what people thought of collins leathers
    I've seen some of their stuff on ebay direct from them for what seems a good price and i was wondering
    how they handled up to a skid down the road?
    how comfy they are?
    and if you'd get them again?

  2. I have a Collins Silverstone jacket and it's superb. Comfortable even with the warm liner removed, though it's pretty steamy in summer. (I have a separate summer jacket, not Collins). Armour protection in shoulders, back and elbows, chest padding, and 100% Australian leather. Fortunately, I haven't had to give it the gravel test, but I don't doubt that it would hold up as well as any other jacket out there.
  3. Thanks for that, it'd be nice to support an aussie company and theoretically it should be easier to deal with them if theres any hassles.
  4. I have a two piece colloins suit. I have had it for over three years and I have always felt it comfortable. No stitching or anything has come undone, and a couple of months ago I came off my bike wearing it. It was only a low speed off, but the Collins suit did a great job, a few scuffs, but no rips.
    Two thumbs up.
  5. Hey there... I have an assen two-piece suit - haven't had an off but the stitching, armour, zips and leather are all very good quality and I have no doubt that it would hold up well in the event of a crash. Dave who runs Collins up in Cairns is a great guy as well and should sort out any issues if you have any. I reckon that their suits are excellent value for money when bought off ebay.

    Just my 0.02
  6. This is all good news i reckon he's got another customer on the way. Unless i pick up a cheap second hand suit of ebay that fits (doubt it though, there mostly too big)
  7. i just got the colins evo jacket and rs4 gloves off ebay and it's put together great.

    has a removable interior and has excellent craftmanship.

    took it for a ride today and it's still stiff but i felt well protected inside
  8. I just bought some of their gloves on ebay and they seem to be decent quality. Sizing was a bit of an issue though, as you would expect. But for the price $70 i reckon they're a bargain.
  9. I have the collins sprint jacket. The leather is so soft and it is light and comfortable comparied to some.
    I picked mine up for $100, brand new :p
    Would recommend to anyone.
    Cheers Lou
  10. my local bike mechanic, who is also a track-day addict had a high speed off/slide in his 1 piece collins suit. leather wore through a little but not enough to expose precious skin and insignificant considerring the length of slide. other riders commented on its ability to whitstand the slide and he subsequently recieved little in the way of injuries. he says +1 to collins leather. not even a single stitch budged in the off, so he had it repaired by a leather guru and still uses it.
    they look pretty good too.
  11. looks like the suits of ebay are a bargain then :)
    think i'll be gettin one of them
  12. I have a Collins leather jacket, a textile jacket and gloves (I'd buy their underpants if they made them). They are the best available and quality equal or better than the Italian stuff. The price is excellent and they are Australian owned. A company here which is not trying to rip us off. BUY COLLINS, IS GOOD.
  13. I've had a Collins two piece for 6 years. Gave the jacket a serious crash test once, it survived very nicely, at least until the ambos cut it off me while I was out cold :D I brought another Collins to replace it.