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Collins Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 7THSIN, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Just received my 1pc 'Suzuka' leather suit from Collins.

    Very impressed with the quality and size, it's a perfect fit.
    Lots of armour and padding, a half decent back protector, large speedhump, vents on shoulders and back, kneesliders etc.

    Leather layers are built up thick in all high impact areas, stretch panels work well and lots of ventilation through punched leather panels.
    The lining is removable but it's held in well with zippers and velcro, all zippers are metal and very tough.

    Double and triple stitching everywhere, you can smell the quality of these leathers :D
    The best part? only $770 new with a 5 year warranty BOOYAH :eek:

  2. Now go and have a stack, let us know how it holds up!
  3. There's no Suzuka suit on their website... Pics?
  4. how on earth did you get that so cheap??
  5. His mother works in their tuck-shop :LOL:
  6. how on earth did you get that so cheap??[/quote]

    there was a shop advertising collins at cheap prices in the latest edition of AMCN that were based in Adelaide, so I am guessing that this is the reason?
  7. Ah yes, I saw those ads now you mention it. That's a sensational price, you lucky lucky bugger.
  8. You can get a full, custom-sized, leather suit for approximately that sort of price from any of the leather businesses offerring Netrider member's a 10% (or better) discount as listed on the partners page :)
  9. Nope.
    Anyone here go to Phillip Island MotoGP ? :shock: :p It was advertised in the program, but for Donnington suits at $770, 100 only.
    Apparently they ran out of Donnington suits, so they sent me next years model, the Suzuka. Same spec suit as the Donnington, just a new look.

    I'd get pics up but the misssus is away with the camera, all I've got is a dodgy camera phone.
    I wish my mum worked in a tuckshop :shock:
  10. Obviously the missus is away; you're up posting at 1:24am :LOL:
  11. So 7THSIN how has the collins suit held up all this time, I am thinking of getting one now