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Collins Leathers - New Generation Monza Jacket and RS4 Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by trevnsig, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Recieved my leathers from Collins Leathers yesterday

    First Look
    At first look i am impressed, stitching looks good (Double and triple stitched), Style of jacket and Pants is good, Not to flashy, Armor in all the areas you want it, double leather in high wear areas, leather perforated in the following areas:-
    - neck down to belly button, approx 200mm wide
    - A section between shoulders and elbows
    - Thighs
    - Section on shin
    Air inlet vents on top of shoulders and 3" below you arm pits.
    On the bike.
    - I sat on the bike all suited up, jacket, pants, boots, gloves and helmet to see how it felt. Result - Excellent
    - Only went for a short ride (30km) to see how it fitted and felt while in motion, I was only on the highway and a bit around town and result was also Excellent.
    - Going for a desent ride (325km) on the weekend from Albury - Falls Creek - Bright - Albury on the weekend. I will let you know how they feel on a long trip on both straight and twisty roads.
    Returns / Refunds
    Up to this point there was no trouble if i wanted to return it for a different size or refund, but once you get bug guts on it, its yours to keep.
    Whats it Cost
    Monza Jacket $399, RS4 Pants $250 postage Cairnes to Wodonga $28 Total $677

    I am not sure if they are still doing these prices, I pre-ordered in November. R.R.P. for Jacket is $599 and for Pants $499.

    I have attached a couple photos that Collins Leathers Sent me, (thats not me in the photo) i have lost my digital camera so i couldn't post a picutre of the back of the jacket but it has a small to mid size race hump with Collins written on it with and Collins also written across the bottom of the jacket. It also has a couple silver strips that runs down the back in a < > style (i'll try to gert a photo).(I believe it looks better than the front)


  2. Collins make good quality gear, I'm still impressed with my stuff (jacket and gloves). The only criticism I can come up with, and that's just a matter of riding style, is that I'd prefer a jacket without the racing hump. For road riding it's about as useful as, well, a hump on your back...

    Unfortunately, all of their jackets came with the hump at the time I put my order and I suspect that's still the case (correct me if I'm wrong about this, and might well order another one - I can't fault their gear otherwise)
  3. I was considering buying these, but wasn't too sure about the size of the hump on the back of the jacket. They've been very good to talk to though.

    Also i wanted to see what the new jacket looked like when it finally came out.
  4. Hump Size

    Hump is 210mm across, 230mm long and 55mm high
  5. Not too large, although still big enough to be annoying,

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of the back of it.
  6. i love a good hump :grin:
  7. Back, Front & Side Photos

    Here are the photos i said i would post.

    If i have one negative it is the communication skills of Collins. They hardly ever reply to emails and say they will do something and don't. e.g. send photos, been waiting for a month.

    Anyway thats enough negatives. Take alook at the photos



  8. Nice jacket. I have the Collins one-piece race suit and its a good bit of kit. How are the pants? I am thinking of getting a pair to zip up to my other Alpinestar jacket. Do they come with knee sliders?
  9. Pants are really good and comfy, no knee sliders come with the pants but can be purchase from Collins for $30 inc postage (check out ebay)


    I got a set when i bought some bike stands from KANENG, i just stuck those on. (velcrow)

    Be aware that the Collins two piece suits zip together using two zippers that start from the back and one zips around each side to the front. This is a bit difficult to start with, but OK once you get used of it. I am not sure how Apline start suits zip together but you may want to keep this in mind.

    If you want i will post some photos of the pants on the forum, just let me know.