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Collins Leathers - I like!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Noodie Pooh, May 28, 2007.

  1. Hehey, got my new leathers from Collins Leathers this afternoon! :grin:

    Big smiles around, as I was a little dubious about buying leathers without being able to try them first. I rang them and Dave answered the phone. I told him about what I was interested in and he gave me lots of info to consider and explained their policies on exchanges and returns. He also emailed me hi res pics of his line and I figured that there is no risk then and rang Dave to place the order. The whole 2piece suit and a free pair of gloves came to the amazing total of $770(a special instead of $890). I ask him about the gloves and he explained which ones they were. I recently purchased a warm weather pair and asked him if he had some waterproof winter ones instead? Yep, sure enough they just got a new design to be released soon. He offered to upgrade my gloves to these new winter ones (RRP$120) for free.

    OK, so today they arrived and I’m VERY impressed with the quality! The fit is very much generic and will fit most people I suspect. I do have long limbs for my size and I could do with another inch in sleeve length and a little less in the butt, but as a whole it fits! (I always have problems finding cloths with longer extremities!!!)

    So, here is my recommendation – Collins leathers are great to deal with and the quality is excellent!

    Thanks Dave!

    Pooh out!

    P.S. Nope, the Pooh is NOT sponsored by Collins!!! :roll:

    P.P.S. I was going to post pics, but the only ones that were sent to me are commercial ones with address etc. So NO, I'm not going to post them here. If you do want some pics, email me! :p
  2. $770 for a 2 piece suit??!! The cheapest on their site is over $1100. How did you manage that? What model of suit did you order?
  3. Poohbear_hello.

    I want to see photos of them on Jens :grin:

    When you say they are a bit long in the butt, have you got them on the right way :LOL:

    Hijack: How did Monday night go hmmmm?

  4. Ask and ye shall receive...

    Set up a camera and caught him modeling them last night...

  5. Hi vanman, I got the Suzuka. It's not on their website, but saw an ad in an old magazine from around a year ago. Bit racey, but not too much! :grin:
    PM me with your email and I can send you what the emailed me.

    They really need to update their website though!

    As for you cruisingal, Sunday was GREAT!!! :wink: Now I have to try that with leathers on! :LOL:
    They do look a little like bluesuede's pic, but with a sagy-baggy arse. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. ha mardi gras pooh :p

    hmmm good price must have a look
  7. they are on ebay at $770 for a buy it now
  8. Wow I looked on ebay, very nice gear and very cheap
  9. I'd love to try these on before I buy them.... It's a constant pain in the butt not being able to try them of first.

    I find that different jackets, even the same brand and same size, fit differently. Some much better than others.
  10. PM sent (finally)