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Collins 2 pc Leathers F/S sz 62

Discussion in 'Archived' started by FreddyB, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. SOLD - Collins 2 pc Leathers F/S sz 62

    As above, very minimal wear. Been sitting in my cupboard untouched for a year or 2. I'm 6' 5" and about 105 kg for an idea of fit. Length is about right but could also take a few kg more if required.

    All black with a bit of white reflective stuff. Armour in usual spots, arms/ shldrs/ thighs etc. Back pad, no hump.

    If you want more photos or queries, let me know. Located in Melb. Will post.

    Quality of pics is lousy due to broken flash on camera. Can arrange one from work if further pics requested.


    Oh, looking for around $400. Offers welcome. Would consider trade for new helmet. :D


  2. Still available.

    To clarify some queries re the dimensions.....

    Pants - outer leg seam 108cm
    Inside leg seam 80cm
    Waist 53cm across 97cm around

    Jacket - Sleeve shoulder to outside of wrist 67cm
    Sleeve Underarm to inner wrist 50cm
    Length from neck to backside 72cm
    Chest 127-130

    FWIW, I am 195cm with 115cm chest. Pants are long which suits me, jacket is a little roomy but very acceptable.

  3. I still haven't bothered to sell these things and have just had to drag them to a new house...... $300 anyone??????
  4. Sorry, just to clarifiy, pants are size 38! More like 102 cm around. They also have elastic sides with leather "adjusters" to make a bit more room. (an inch or 2 either side.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.