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Collingwood Supporters

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DAMon17, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Are there any other Collingwood members out there that go to games regularly? A mate that I used to go to the games with is in Perth for the year so it leaves me with a membership and the prospect of going to matches with no friends :p

    Respectfully awaiting the flames...

  2. Check out the local jails and see whos got a day pass :p
  3. Lame... If you are going to try and be funny, at least make me laugh.
  4. Collingwood for premiers 2008 :shock: well its funny to the rest of the world :wink:
  5. You're hijacking my thread Z :p

    And I seem to remember that only the team that did win the premiership last year managed to stop us by 5 points as opposed the the flogging dished out in the GF. So I'm not sure it's as improbable as you make out.

    SO: Collingwood for premiers 2008 :LOL:
  6. Bah, AFL is for pansies anyway :p UNlimited interchanges etc :LOL:

    (sorry, couldn't resist guys :wink: )
  7. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! :shock:

    The UN have limited interchanges?!?!??


    Where's PP when you need him?!?!? How did this go UNnoticed?????

    :rofl: :LOL:

    As for the OP... GO THE PIES!!... but I'm not that big a fan that I go to see footy...
  8. Meh!
    We were 5 points off being premiers last year.
    A drovers dog would have beaten Port Adelaide in that GF last year.
  9. The trick is getting there and ok port were flogged but they got there unlike 15 other teams.Collingwood had a number of goes at knocking of the lions and couldnt do it.collingwood is the new age fremantle :p Should have could have Didnt :wink:
  10. Hanging out for the footy to start, just to get the bitchy cricketers out of the news
  11. It's obviously the time of year that the change happens. Previously semi-rational human beings turn into Collingwood supporters.

    Their teeth start to fall out, hair springs from the various facial orifices, tatts emerge on the surface of their bodies and black and white beanies cover their grubby unkempt hair. They develop a serious body odour problem, lose the use of one eye and start urinating in alleyways and dark corners. They cause publicans to double their security staff and shopkeepers to check their closed-circuit cameras.

    And the male Collingwood supporters are nearly as bad. :p