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Collingwood FC fined - Misleading advertising

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. We have always heard rumours about Collingwood being a bunch of thieving bogans but now we have the proof.
    What deadsh*t club tries to rip off its own members?

    COLLINGWOOD Football Club has paid a $20,000 fine after the consumer watchdog accused it of misleading advertising.
    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued two infringement notices over an ad were the club claimed a three game membership and guernsey would cost "only $20".
    But the ACCC said the real price was $120 over six months and the ad - which was emailed to 90,000 supporters and appeared in the Herald Sun in May - failed to display the total minimum price.
    The club paid $20,400 for the two infringement notices the ACCC issued.
    ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said while the ad referred to a payment plan in fine print it did not state the full price.
    "Consumers should know the real price of goods and services so that they are able to make informed purchasing decisions," Mr Sims said.
    "Advertisements that do not state the real price of goods or services have the potential to draw in consumers based on half-truths.
    "All businesses must ensure that they comply with their obligations under the Australian Consumer Law."

  2. Maybe they should have just sent out free memberships like Carlton to boost their numbers
  3. The only way this would work is if it came in a toilet roll :)
  4. Hahaha
    It's fairdinkum though. If you were a member last year and hadn't renewed by a certain date you were sent a free 3 game membership.
    Nice once Carlton. Paying to have people support you hahaha

  6. At least you could say that was a free offer..a gift.
    Collingwood had to resort to fraud and deception to try to increase membership.
    Just how dumb are the pr*cks at Collingwood..did they think that no one would notice...
  7. well yeah 6 x 20 for a collingwood supporter.
    fined for not doing the math for them is understandable ).
  8. Now you are just trolling.
    Tell me where Fraud was involved ?
    Maybe do a little more research next time

    The Club was issued 2 Infringement Notices by the ACCC for contravening section 48 of Australian Consumer Law
    Section 48 of the ACL prohibits a person from representing a component of a price when making a representation about the price of a good or service, without also prominently specifying the single figure price a person must pay to obtain the good or service, to the extent that a single figure price is quantifiable at the time of making a representation.


    The ACCC also states
    The payment of an infringement notice is not an admission of a contravention of the Australian Consumer Law. The ACCC can issue an infringement notice where it has reasonable grounds to believe a person has contravened certain consumer protection laws.
  9. image.
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  10. .... over an ad were the club claimed a three game membership and guernsey would cost "only $20".
    But the ACCC said the real price was $120 over six months.
  11. FYI, that is not fraud 2up. It is called 'misleading advertising', as the article clearly provides.

    Fraud is criminal deception in order to personally gain something, or to deprive others of something. There was no conviction under the Crimes Act 1958 which covers the majority of fraud charges in your state.

    If you are going to quote an article, read it in full and understand what it is telling you.

    "Collingwood Rips Off Its Members" has been removed to avoid you getting a fine for misleading thread title.

  12. Good to see 2up try to be controversial, it's been a long time between drinks.
  13. Presumably the club assumed that whoever was reading the ad to potential members would do the math for them as well as the reading.
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  14. Fairly significant oversight to miss adding the 6 payment bit.

    Hardly fraud though.
  15. LOL. Have I lost any demerit points? What if I wrote a letter saying that some one else was driving my computer at the time? Or is it more like a non statutory "wearing a hat in the bar of a golf club" type of fine? :)
  16. Why isn't Carlton fined for their "No passengers" slogan. That is a false statement by any defination :LOL:
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  17. Advertising agency farked up, wouldn't surprise me if they paid the fine, no I'm not a Collingwood supporter but I recognise a storm in teacup.