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collection of safety advertisements

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 87crisis, May 14, 2012.

  1. #1 87crisis, May 14, 2012
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    i found one or two that i'm a fan of, one i've liked for a while which is coincidently in minglis's signature (the stay a hero, stay safe one)

    but thought i'd start a thread for motorcycle safety/rider awareness video's - perhaps the stop smidsy campaign can use some of these for insight into the way's of which people have previously gone to promote their safety message.

    by far my favourite here







    by all means ad on...IF THIS GODDAM YOUTUBE EMBED SHIT DOESN'T WORK I DONT CARE I'M JUST POSTING THE LINKS ...spent 10 frustrating minute's being hopeless trying to work it out as is
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  3. Thanks for sharing, I'd known only one of them so far.

    Don't believe though that people will start noticing you when you ride naked ;) They'd only see the missing clothes when you're already past them. But on the other hand I haven't tried it yet :D
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    I was thinking of doing this a day or 2 ago for both training and safety and embed them but I had an issue embedding them.
    Not sure if you have this but it's the classic SMIDSY video [media=youtube]eqQBubilSXU[/media]
  5. The youtube thing is a little bit ambiguous. You want to put the video ID inside the tags.


    [YOUTUBE]zOGyqO8QdF8[/YOUTUBE] - Will produce this:

  6. awesome list crisis!!

  7. I like the NSW and TAS ads.
  8. I saw one where motorcyclists were hiding in "furniture costumes" and jumping out at people as they used said furniture. I think the line at the end was something like "we aren't hiding".
    Never been able to find it again.
  9. Here in QLD, I haven't seen a single awareness AD yet... Very disappointing.