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Collection of 130 Ducatis For Sale

Discussion in 'Sports' at netrider.net.au started by Womble, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Knock yourself out Blabbs.


    It is one of the most important collections in Europe and perhaps the world. So was defined by the magazine "World of Ducati".

    The collection consists of more than 130 different models in perfect conditions and running.

    Some models are pretty hard to find such as: "Supermono", the "Ducati Muletto", the "Roche 851 Replica" (just 54 copies of this exist), "RT 450 Desmo", the "Pantah Ice", the only one in the world, the whole series of "888 numbered" (888/sp2-sp3-sp4-sp5) and "sp4/s" (just 101 copies of this exist).

    Also there are "La Pallottola d'Argento", and many "750" and "9002 models, the "900 Mike Hailwood Replica", and many motorcycles that have raced in World Superbike.

    The collection covers the entire period since World War II to 2010 and from 1943 ("Cucciolo") to the most recent "1198 Corse".
  2. Imagine how slippery the floor would be.
  3. Wonder who owns the collection and why is he/she selling?

    Kind of weird to collect up to 2010, they just decide to sell it all, unless they feel it's time to cash out for a handsome profit of course.
  4. Wow!

    Where did you get the blurb on what bikes they are? I can only see a few pics when I click on the link?
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  6. 130 Ducatis in running order? Astonishing.
  7. I sold my collection some time ago,but missed them so have started collecting again.
  8. Yes I would imagine that if they are all runners there would be some "territory marking" on the floor :ROFLMAO:, It would be nice to have a few nillion to complete my collection, but I cant see enough Black/Gold ones there :whistle: