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Collection for racer that died at Broadford.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Hi Guy's, the completion of the Victorian Roadrace Championship meeting that was cut short last month by the tragic incident involving Richard Cant is to be run this Sunday at Broadford.

    Entry for the event is by donation to Richards' family that will be collected at the gate. By just a small donation you also get to see Victoria's fastest riders in the following classes...

    125 GP
    250 GP
    250 Production
    Formula 400
    600 Supersport
    Thunderbike (singles, twins & triples)

  2. Three weekend and three first time visits to a bike track (easter weekend, Mc Namara Park in Mt Gambier and then PI yesterday) sounds like good plan and it will benefit a great cause too.

    I'm in!!!
  3. If it's not raining, I'll be there; who said I'm a fair-weather-rider :evil: (sure am :wink: )
  4. For the last two Broadford meets I've turned up in time to see the last lap of the last race. I'll see if I can organise myself to get to this one.
  5. Hey, good on ya Mark :) . You can come out with me in the van at 6.00am :shock: if you like?
  6. They are forecasting some good weather for Sunday so I might be up for a ride to Broadford 8)
    I didnt get enough at the weekend at PI and need some more :shock:
    Is there a run down of the days events somewhere?
  7. I don't know of any programme of events, If I can find out anything I'll post it in this thread. I'm sure all classes will be out at least 3 times in the day, spread equally through the day, starting at 9.00am.
  8. Hey Nova dude, are you still coming out with me in the van? Anyone else wanna come?
  9. Yep I'll meet you at your place, I'm going to have to leave at 5am though :(

    Are you actually going to be competing on Sunday?

    Jake tells me I'm mad and I'm inclined to agree with him! He said he might make it down to the track latter in the day though.
  10. Yeh, I have a couple of Thunderbike races; probably be the last time I race the Benelli; sick being hosed by 170 hp / 170 kg bikes. The Benellis' 130 hp / 200 kg is okay on the street but is a waste of time in a race.

    If it's too early for you, why don't you ride up with Jake and chairman?
  11. As I'm not used to seeing the day before 10am on a Sunday it will be an experience if nothing else :D
  12. Okay then, don't say I didn't give you an 'out' :LOL: :wink:
  13. We had a good days racing at Broadford with some minor tropical storms making things 'interesting'. :)

    Anyway Johnny did well enough to secure second place in the Thunderbike series.

    And I promised not to mention the 'H' word so my lips are sealed ;)
  14. Thanks Chris, thanks for your help & company at Broadford. I'm looking for bigger & better things for the future, I hope you get a bike and get out there with me.

    H :evil: :wink:
  15. WOO HOO John! Good stuff mate, glad to hear you had a good outing. Shame I missed it but ended up wandering around a beut farm with a beer instead, life's tough at the top :wink: :LOL: .