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Collecting bike without Ls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slygrog, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    I am almost CERTAIN there is a thread on this but I don't know which word to use in the search bar to find it. So please forgive me!

    I'm trying to figure out all the options in having a bike picked up and delivered to me in a private sale, because I don't have my Ls and I don't have access to a car with trailer.

    I know there are companies that load bikes into trucks and deliver 'em, but I swear I read on here somewhere that there was a company that would drive the bike from point A to point B for you, if it was registered.

    Am I imagining it?
  2. if you post a pic of yourself, i'm sure you'll get at least 20 guys on here offering to ride your bike from the dealership to your house for you.

    i can do so if i was to park at your house, you drive me to the dealership, i'd ride the bike to you - easy :)

    i'm unemployed, so i can do so at any time on any day!
  3. I may be on my L's as well, but I live minutes from Redfern station as well if you need a hand with anything... I've had enough help from people on here, only fair to repay the favour.
  4. Geez LC - that was quick. Did we all see that? LOL. Watch out for all those men because they're only after one thing. Now how about we sit you down and have a nice cup of tea. :rofl: :popcorn:
  5. Hire a ute or trailer?
  6. 9 mins is slow for me!
  7. I think you mean hot coffee :p.

    Ask the current owner? Perhaps they will bring it over if you can get them home again. Depends how far you are thinking though!

    I think the company you are thinking of was some sort of taxi-like service in London. Could be wrong though.
  8. Another option to consider: see if you can convince the seller to ride it over to your place. You can offer him a lift back to his house in return [provided you've got access to some sort of a car].

    edit: i r gooder at reading

  9. i'll do it for free

    going into PB territory
  10. u got big tits?
  11. Do man-boobs count Goz?
  12. Look for tow trucks in the area of the dealer/where you're buying it - Cheapest I could find for myself couple months ago was $160 to transport it about 50km.

    Or ask the seller/dealer to ride it home to you, I'm sure they'll do it for a sale. The guy I bought mine offered to ride it to my house so I didn't need a tow truck in the end.
  13. Aha, hello everyone.

    Important matters first: My tits. I'd score 'em about a 7 for size, however can supplement my own real life shortcomings with the excesses of others, as I have 24/7 access to the Penthouse archives.

    As for the rest of it, I will actually keep in mind the possibility of a Netrider doing the driving for me, with transport to the place of course. Is there a fee here, or do we work on the beer economy?

    I haven't looked into the towies, just taken quotes from Bikenut and such. Thanks for your help, team. Those of you who volunteered your skills may hear from me. ;)
  14. Look, I'm a bloke, so I'm only after one thing.

    Six pack of beer and I'll ride it over to you from where you bought it.

    I drink tooheys old. If you live on the block you're shit out of luck though, wouldn't make it to the station with a six pack in hand.

  15. free beer and get to stare at your jugs should do it :D
  16. A 7 is very good. Welcome to Netrider. We also talk about bikes, but only if we have to.
  17. boobs and i'll do it

    But seriously, when i sold my last bike I rode it to theirs for them for $50. Had the gf at the time trail me in the car.

    Getting a friend to do it for you is the best because if they break it you can smack them.
  18. Based on some of the posts above, I think there's already 'smacking' involved...well, of another kind :D

    Might have some time off to ride up from Melbourne to help out...really......but I'd prefer Bourbon (Makers Mark) & Tits...not necessarily in that order..
  19. Where's the dealership?
  20. It's a private sale. And it's faaaaaaar away. Hunter Valley somewhere.