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Collectablilty of Katana popup model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hph, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Just wondering on the collectability of the popup katanas. I know that the gsx1000 are highly desirable with some going for in excess of 10k but the popups hardly ever come on the market.

    I'm tempted in trading up to a gsx1000 model and will appreciate any opinions :grin:
  2. The 1000 is collectable because it was a limited addition to qualify for superbike racing, amirite?

    The more common 1100 and 750 are worth correspondingly less, but still desireable bikes.

    Motorcycles are the worst possible investment, don't buy it expecting to make money, because 99% you probably won't, and even if you did, the returns would almost certainly be much lower than any other investment. These bikes are getting to the age where they are needing some serious cash to keep them running, if they haven't already had a small fortune spent on them.

    Buy it because it's a beautiful, desireable toy for you, not based on what anyone else is going to think, or pay.
  3. A pop up 1100 with original wire wheels is what I'l always on the look out for.
    I know where there is a complete one but its in two 44gallon drums and I cant get my hands on it...................................
  4. katanas

    I dont think the 1100 ever came with a pop up light, only equipped on the 750s. I'll probably just keep it as its been pretty reliable so far and flawless cosmetically :grin:

    The wired wheel 1100s are selling for more than $12k atm :eek:
  5. Re: katanas

    You do stand corrected dont you :wink:
  6. kat

    Please do :LOL:

    Just kidding, more info please :)
  7. My better half suggested that I should try to collect one of each Katana model, from the 250 to the 1100. If (when) they ever bring in the log book system for classic rego in Victoria I'll try to do that.

    A collection of Katanas and an R65LS BMW (same designers) would be rather good. Now I have the OK all I need is the money to do it. :roll:
  8. Snowtown? :grin: