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Colin Edwards

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by gsxr1000, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. write a caption for this photo........


    Front tyre is looking good....

  2. Colin Edwards goes to great lengths to avoid paying tolls.
  3. 'Isn’t the bike supposed to lean with me?'
  4. "Hah! And you think getting your knee down looks cool?......"
  5. Where the hell is the reserve switch on this thing ??
  6. Finally! I got a good view of that blonde up in the grandstand, woah she IS HOT!
  7. What the.... :shock:
  8. "... if James Bond can do it so can I"
  9. Colin experimenting with a new superman pose... would look better on the otherside of the finish line :wink:
  10. is it me or does the A symbol look like to stick people humping... :LOL:
  11. Where's that bloody bow and arrows?

    Yes it is you and yes it does... :LOL:
  12. "Is this what is meant by `sticking it up the inside'?"
  13. "It worked for Zorro, should work for me too. Nicky won't see me cross the finish line with this."
  14. Peek a -BOO :shock:
  15. Now does my bum look big on this??
  16. "That logo reminds me of doing it A-style. Here's something for old times sake"
  17. Dog damn that mexican dinner......
  18. "Hmm, I thought my oil level was a little low.."
  19. "I lean to turn"
  20. Students here you see the perfect demonstation of using your body weight on the outside to balance a low speed turn.