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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, May 25, 2008.

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  2. It may be the shitty work computer but.....'The page cannot be displayed
    Explanation: The Web server refused the connection, possibly because a service on the upstream server is inactive'

    I don't know much about computers :oops:
  3. :? It worked for me when I found it originally, and it works from within my post too :?
  4. Tis working for me... and thats cold :shock:
  5. Eddie does do a lot of cold riding, he is also a major big distance rider in the US.

    Another guy I know has a good selection of pictures online from his riding area. Jack. http://alaskajack.smugmug.com/
  6. Looking at the pic of Terry, a lot of blubber is the trick ! :p

    Bring on the donuts. :grin:
  7. Ha! It snowed here (sunny Armidale) the weekend before last. And what has just been dew on my seat has started turning into a crust of ice when I go home at night.

    It's a mite cold, but I'm still riding day in, day out!

    What are these heated handgrips of which you speak? Why are you putting your bikes in your garages? Wusses! Wusses all of you! :p
  8. meh cold, ive got a polarfleece neck warmer thingo, i used to wear my thermals but i just man up on the 15min trip to work at 3am every day...

    when im starting to feel the cold im already at work, plus it wakes me up...
  9. Mike Hunt it is :wink:

    Ben Dover.
  10. Are Ben Dover and Mike Hunt relatives of Drew Pea cock?

    (BTW - I tried to write Pea cock as one word - Peacock. How is a bird rude?)
  11. That night I came into Uralla from the south at 11:30pm and while getting another layer on the local cops comes in and tells me they are closing the highway north of Armidale. So there went my ride straight home that night. Was snowing at Uralla as I came in. Full story of the 34hr 2200klm ride here. http://gtr1000.yuku.com/topic/2980