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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Right now im sitting at home with the heater on full blast, everytime I lglance outside it ooks even more ominious and colder than the previous time. tonight I have to be at work at 5, and will probably finish at 2 am or something.
    Anyone else think that I should pull a sickie?? Im thinking its not going to get any warmer, but its too late to pull out now :( Oh well, at least that time of the morning its not usually raining...

  2. nope just work, no point wasting a sickie just because it's cold.
  3. If you have to ride to work, that's tough. If you don't, and its warm AT work, go. Don't waste a sicky on a lousy day!
  4. I dont get sick days. By pulling a sickie I just mean saying Im not coming in. They dont ask questions, they just yell at you.
  5. Go to work. When you need a favour from them you will have some emotional "capital" in the bank, know wot i mean?
  6. eswen stop being a baby and go do some work :p
  7. nope. My work is too big to care about the little people :( To quote (conversation with my shift manager)
    Eswen: Hi my names [blah blah] and i cant work tomorrow
    manager: what time were you supposed to start?
    Eswen: 11. I cant work becuase my boyfriend tried to kill himself today and (bursts into tears)
    manager: ok thats great see you later.
    (hangs up)

    yeah emotional capital :roll:

    Im strapped for cash so I am going to work, but that doesnt mean I have to like it!
  9. Even if I am crook I have to come to work so I can go to the medical section and then get a doctors approval to go home sick, only if there is someone there to look after me.
  10. well. look at it this way, my friend, at least you have a job! go and profit, and remember, there's always someone worse off than yourself, (like ME, {between jobs})!!
  11. Yeah I know :) I actually dont mind it, just thinking Im going to need a few hot chocolates when I get home. And some hot water bottles. And a hearty meal. And a nice long sit down. And some sleep. Damn it I dont want to work today :( I want to be a student forever!!! And a payrise!!! I want to be paid to be a student!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I hate cold, even driving my car to work on a cold day is tough, the steering wheel is cold, the gearstick is cold, the car is only JUST warming up by the time I get to work... sometimes I take a hot water bottle with me in the car!!

    Hey - just stuff a hot water bottle in your jacket!
  13. hey eswen, get back at them, when you get to work, burn some of the furniture to get warm!!!
  14. where do you work eswen? maybe if you wore something over your draggins when it's raining you won't get as cold :p ..ok i was out on the monash today in my draggins and i forgot my overpants so i can't talk :oops:
  15. don't you let your car warm up before driving it? Do you let your bike warm up? :?
  16. And you think you are going to be able to survive in a mini skirt at coffee. :p
  17. pmsl, that might not go down too well :p I think I might get fired for that one. Im trying to keep this job for more than 6 months! Its a good set up, I get to choose when I want to work :D

    Ill survive, Ill get more money for 15 miniutes of that than 15 miniutes of work :p and plus, I never said I wouldnt be wearing draggins underneath!!! My pay packet has to increase by $20 for me to take the draggins off :p
  18. sprung :LOL:
  19. Of course I let the bike warm up, it's "my precious" :LOL:
    but the car? I usually drive to work, and I never manage to leave early enough to allow time for it to warm up, bah! - it's only a car!
    Hot water bottle is the way to go... I live pretty close to work, 10 mins drive MAX. :8
  20. Catch is that once Ive comitted to a shift (on tuesdays I call in) I cant back out, without giving several days notice.