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Cold tyres and emergency braking don't mix

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Last night, I pulled out of a side street, turned right and moderately accelerated towards a roundabout... bad idea... could have just rolled towards it, it was only 50m away. :roll:

    Suddenly car lights appeared to the right of the roundabout and figuring I was about to be a tee-bone sandwich, I braked heavily. The front locked and before I could register, the bike and I fell over to the left hand side and we slid into the intersection.

    Stoopid stoopid stoopid. :( :( :(

    I could have just gone through - the lights were attached to a large delivery van and the van driver saw the bike slide into the intersection and pulled up easily... he bloody pulled up easily. :( :( :(


    Altenator case holed. RG crash knob did it's thing. Minor belly and mid fairing scratches. Busted left peg. That's all I could see at night. Some how I caused a serious laceration to my right thumb knuckle. There's no scratch on the glove - but there's an impact mark on the palm at the base of the thumb. It hurts like a biatch today - plus other aches.

    Stowed the bike and with Whippet's brilliant help, we went to Alfred casualty to get the thumb checked out. 2.5hrs later, checked from head to toe and xrayed, I was sent on my way with a thumb cleared of fractures, a tetnus shot and a dressed wound.

    Anyway, the moral of this story is don't put yourself in a situation where you need to ebrake on cold tyres. I'd always practiced by ebraking at the end of a ride, in the final few streets before home... confidence in your skill doesn't mean it can't go wrong. :(

    After such a fanbloodypoptastic weekend, this is a bummer.

    Thanks again to Whippet for her brilliant support. Sorry for the scare.
  2. Can I call you boofhead?

    Glad you and bike are relatively ok.
    About time you started testing your e braking with cold tyres paying close attention to the various feedback your bike gives so that if you ever come under the same situation you may be better prepared.
  3. It's always the way isn't it. Do a nice spirited 1000km on the weekend without incident and then within spitting distance of home you have a mishap.

    Gald to hear you're ok.
  4. Boody hell Rob, that's bad luck mate! :(

    On the bright side, at least you managed a good w/end riding before hand. :)

    I'm not sure I'd advise don't e-brake on cold tyres. Sometimes you don't get much choice in the matter, but yeah it's more risky.

    I'm glad you're all patched up mate. Good thing you had Jen there to kiss it better or it could've been much worse. :)
  5. Bloody hell mate, don’t go messing yourself up like that…
    It’s bad for your health you know.
    On the up side, nothing you won’t heal from and the bike can be repaired.
  6. Sorry to hear about your incident.

    Unlucky - but then again, the slow truck could have been a fast car and things could have been much uglier! I think sometimes painful lessons are learnt for a reason. A few dollars and a few bandaids and you'll be good as new and more cautious on cold tires next time!
  7. Doh! Not great, but good you weren't trucked up.
  8. Bugger :(
  9. Thanks folks. :)
  10. The perfect trueism, mate...We can all take something from that...

    Sorry to hear of your mishap...could I venture a thought, and suggest that fatique could have had something to do with it?...you know...a long week-ends riding...nearly home...relaxed...a little weary...not as sharp as you could be in the "processing dept", and suddenly you're confronted....that sort of thing?

    Anyways Rob...bike does'nt sound too bad, and the thumb will come good, mate...rest up for a bit...and remember...it happened AFTER the week-end - not before. (heaps worse) :)

  11. Should've just used the rear.
  12. Bad luck rob. Glad you are ok.

    Just wondering (so I don't repeat your mistake :) ) how the bike fell after locking the fronts? Were you leaning at the time? Did you lose balance as it locked?
  13. sorry to hear about that. I guess a stack and you can get up from is a good one. Could have been worse.
    Take it easy and get well soon

    No sucking on thumb for a few day
  14. You're ok.... Bike's ok....

    Let the extraction of urine begin!

    You twonk! Come round, I'll do a carpark session with you sometime. Clearly you didn't use enough rear brake.... :LOL:
  15. Sorry to hear that Rob. Bad luck mate.
  16. Taa guys... yes, please take the piss out of me, rather than pouring it on me. lol

    Yes I'm a boof head.

    And I look forward to more rear brake shots! :LOL:

    Shortie - I was dead upright. Even though i had finished a RH turn, the bike slid out to the left. Raven makes a good point. Fatigue. That was the reason I had stopped to have a cuppa in the first place, to revive... obviously I needed something stronger - so a boof head fatigue error is definitely in the mix. The bike also had some luggage which might have shifted and helped unsettle things.

    Anyway, one of my lesson is to not get myself in a situation where I need to brake so hard so early on in a ride. Dumb dumb dumb.

    I'm going to pick up the bike. I'll toss up what the next move is...
  17. Rob! Mate, glad to hear there's no real damage to your physical self. If you need any help getting the bike back in action please let me know - I have at least a couple of favors to return to you.
  18. Nooo. Sorry to hear Rob. Raven might have a point, I'm sure 4am nights don't help much! Lucky for you you had a good woman by your side to pick up the pieces. Worth her weight in gold that one (and more) :wink:
  19. Rob ya goose,
    What do you think you're doing to yourself?

    Stay focused.
    Moi looks forward to a icon_bighug. & lips. when I'm down :p

    eusasmiles. Don't do it again

    But good to hear you ok & in one piece
  20. No No No :( Very sad to hear, Mr Rob! :( But glad to know you're ok as well. You are one of my favourite posters on NR so don't go about lowsliding et all m'kay!!! :wink: