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cold starts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tluong, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Hey guys...
    i wake up early in the morning and find it very tough to get the engine started up as it is very cold. Its a new gpx with only 600kms on the clock. Does anyone know any tricks to get the engine up and running asap. cheers.

  2. Ouch,

    I have the same trouble. Sometimes find that it helps to hold the revs a little with the the throttle, and ease the choke out until the revs continue to increase. Hold that for a little while, so as to let the engine warm slightly, then you should be right.

    Pretty sure that's mine's a tuning problem though. Should start with choke when cold.
  3. I got a new GPX only riden up the driveway few times tho(dont have L's will by monday tho).
    Anyway everytime I've started my bike starts first go with no choke just giv it a little rev when it turns over and its fine. I cant put my choke on the bike just stalls.
  4. i rev mine to 4k and let it drop a few times as i put on my gloves and helmut... then let it sit idle and repeat just before i get on it. if it wont idle at all i either use the choke or hold revs
  5. I ride a '07 GPX as well. If you find it hard to start the motor in cold, try to put the choke to full, leave the throttle untouch and press the ignition button it should fire up automatically.

    Don't let it sit at idle for too long, bring the choke down to reduce the risk of damaging the pistons as the engine has not been fully warmed up.

    My $0.02.
  6. thanks for the tip guys...really appreciate it. yes with choke fully on...the bike fired up beautifully at 7am. just gotta remember to ease it off after a few mins.