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Cold mornings

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JGirl, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Okay- so now the mornings are starting to get colder does anybody have any bright ideas for keeping warm? I'm finding that by the time I get into work my fingers and knees are freezing (the rest of me's fine because I tend to rug up until I look like the Michelin Man but what do you do about your legs/hands?). I do have gloves but it seems the wind goes straight through them...

  2. Heated Handgrips are the easiest way to keep warmer.

    They don't just keep your hands warm, they have a flow on effect through the rest of ones body.
  3. latex surgical gloves under your bike gloves, long johns, pair of pants and then some good cordura riding pants with winter lining

    but dr chopper recommends you HTFU :LOL:
  4. Oh yeah, heated handgrips are the go.

    If you are riding any distance you may also want to consider moto-x style hand protectors like these http://www.barkbusters.net/images/BHG1_Large.jpg

    Knees?? Depends on what you are wearing already under your layers, but long football socks DO pull up over the knees and add a layer to the equation.

    Ypu don't say what sort of bike you have, but if you have a naked bike, then you also can't go past this http://www.giviusa.com/caschi_borse_bauli_accessori.asp?CO_ID=12587

    I bought one of these for the Hornet from 1300 Kawasaki in Ringwood for around $200, and it is top value; if you can keep the cold wind off your chest, you might well be able to limit the amount of Michelin Man clothes you have to wear :).
  5. Good gloves are a must for safety's sake at least you need to be able to use your fingers. Maybe even the middle one :grin:

    You could alse get a pair of waterproof pants that go over your trousers. These will keep the wind and moisture out which will be a good start.
  6. Thanks guys- I knew my large collection of footy socks would come in handy for something!
  7. just don't put them on your hands :p
  8. The most cold part about riding in winter is not the temperature, but the wind chill factor. You can actually wear basic leathers and just put a waterproof riding jacket (ultra light and thin) over the top. Same with gloves there are light over gloves you can get that stop the wind cutting through.

    Top and pant cost around $80-$100 for a good pair,
    over gloves are about $15
  9. The annual winter warm clothing thread...

    Why re-invent the wheel?
    Last years is here
  10. Wrap a scarf around your neck under your jacket. You can also buy open face balaclava's made for wearing under your helmet.

    It's most important to keep your head, hands and ankle's warm.

    If your still cold, get yourself a steamer from the surfshop. That will do the trick.
  11. That's why its a forum. Might as well be a website then :grin:
  12. Thermal underwear (long Johns and tops) do it for me.