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cold legs!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BlueRex, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Got my license on sunday. The last two nights i have been riding around the hood to practise and my legs have been getting damn cold!!

    Are draggins any warmer? does anyone where thermals to keep their legs warm?
  2. Yes, I wear thermals in winter to keep warmer.
    I find wearing thinner multiple layers is warmer than one thick jumper.

    But....winter is over, so what are ya worried about?
    Grin and bare it for a few more weeks :)
  3. Yeah, slightly warmer. The jeans are a bit thicker than the cargos, too. But the knee armour (optional) makes a really big difference to warmth, at least for highway work.
    Nothing beats lined corduras to beat the cold, however.
    In the end, though, you just get acclimatised and don't notice it as much.
  4. Yes, wearing pants will be much warmer and you'll find you get pulled over less often for indecent exposure. They can be annoying at times but I now find the hassle of going to court regularly isn't worth it and pretty much always wear pants when I ride.

    Draggins will be a little warmer than regualar jeans and i tend to wear thermals under them if it gets chilly. Comming into summer this is probably a good option however, cordura touring pants will be much warmer again if you're very cold. On the freeway last night in Hornee jeans and thermals I was still cold enough I thought my balls might retreat into my neck.

    Have a look around the stores and see what options may suit. You might decide you want impact protection and waterproof so Draggins won't cut it, or if it's just the cold that bothers you and not potential injury then you could try the wool lined Thomas Cook jeans. :)
  5. No, not thermals

    Here's the go

    get you old aunty to knit you some knee-warmers. They're like a sock without the foot section, you can make them as long as you like, mine go from the middle of my calf to right up on my thigh. Get some light elastic knitted into the to and bottom and bob's your uncle; no more cold knees.

    Oh, and they protect your skin from the 'Draggins prickles' as well......
  6. yep draggin knee armour keeps the knees warm.

    thighs are getting cold though...

    Draggin Prickles.... no issues here feels rather s soft to me.
  7. Do you think your aunty could knit me some woolen underpants? :grin: :grin:
  8. try rain overpants, stops the wind going through, thats what makes it cold in the first place.

    These do have to go over regular/draggin jeans/pants though.

    Worn on their own could be a little chilly.
  9. Actually a parent at my daughter's school where she teaches made mine. I'm sure if I asked I could get a little cottage industry going.... If you're serious, I could sure find out..
  10. +1 for me
    Best things for keeping your knees warm, sometimes the older the idea the better it is

    If you dont know anybody who knits, you can get a slightly larger pair of woolen socks and cut out the toes. It will frey a bit but my last pair lasted two years :wink:
  11. Thermals are ok for keeping you warm although if you end up at the pub it is quite often that you'll end up to warm... my suggestion is ride around mach infinity then the adrenalin will start pumping and bingo your warm enough.
  12. I use engine heat and a full fairing to keep my legs warm! Mmmmmm.
    But, I used to have terrible issues keeping legs warm with the Z, I used to wear tracksuit pants over my other pants. Sure, you look like a squid!
    Worked quite well, except if it rained.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. i dont' really have a cure for cold legs right now... i either... 1. get straight into bed when i get home...

    or 2. get straight into bed wherever i'm going ;)

    but last night was extra cold about midnight when i was riding home... :( took me a good while to warm back up.
    why can't it be like saturday night! aw well!
  14. I have tried a few things!
    I currently user condura pants and jacket with the full padding and winter liner but my feet and hands still get cold on 3 degree morinngs.
    Handle warmers would help but I haven't gone that way yet.
    I wear a balaclava so that my noise and neck keep warm and it also reduces my visor fogging!

    I find leathers keep me cooler in summer!

    I would suggest get gear to suit the season!

  15. Yep, and they also help if you get a little bit of light rain (wet jeans make a cold wind very, very cold). Even thin cotton thermals can make a big difference, and aren't going to cook you when you get to somewhere warm. However if you want to be really warm lined Cordura pants are probably the best option (with draggins and thermals underneath).
  16. Hi Snowball.
    I wear my Draggins with a pair of jeans under them when it's cold. I also add waterproof overpants in extreme cold windy conditions.
    In the warmer months it's just the Draggins (No! I'm not topless, bootless, gloveless or helmetless. You get what I mean.) I don't have any problem with the kevlar on my skin either. Love my Draggins.
  17. Got leather pants and draggins - if really cold I use a light thermal pair. As menioned it's getting warmer but it doesn't hurt to stock up ready for winter next year.
  18. i wear draggin jeans and on my first few rides at night my legs were absoloutely freezing. don't seem to notice so much now (i think i'm having too much fun to care) but certainly, cold legs are not fun!!
  19. I now have a pair of draggins and the extra thickness certainly help with the cold.
  20. Just as we come into Summer. :)