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Cold Fusion?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Browncoat, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Great Scott!


    Sounds interesting.

    When do I get my..

  2. I smell a scam. Usually when someone tries going through the mainstream media (without specific details), rather than the traditional peer-reviewed sources, it's becuase they're trying to squeeze money out of naive investors.
  3. Bogus. It has been working since 2007 heating a factory, but the patent and development process is still at a very early stage? Not likely.

    Worse, the process described in the article quoting the patent seems to say that Nickle is consumed rather than just working as a catalyst. Well, that isn't likely to be a viable process, since the Nickle will cost way more in energy and currency than the output of the device. I didn't see any description of a release of Nickle back to be reused, nor did I see any mention of Hydrogen atoms being converted to Helium, which is the aim of such cold fusion processes, since it releases energy, working the same way as the Sun.

  4. Regular Fusion seems a more viable long term prospect.
  5. Now where's that pic when I need it? One of us has an avatar pic with a 1950s movie star, with his hand on his face and a grin like 'aw come on guys!' and the caption reads "Aw not this shit again?"

    [edit] There it is again! No sense. I just wrote 'shit' because I didn't think to change it, and the filter doesn't touch it - but I can't write 'r@pe.' Who maintains the unsuitable list?
  6. Cold fusion was bogus 22 years ago when the world's media got very excited about a couple of wires sticking out of a test tube. It's still bogus now.
  7. Do you guys say its bogus as in the scientific concept or this particular claim?
  8. The concept is bogus. It was something made up to try and fit the results of a particular experiment. Results which no-one else has ever been able to duplicate.

    It's only the mainstream media, or the absolute lowest rank journals, which ever publish anything on the topic.
  9. I've had a small cold fusion reactor powering my Yamaha FZX250 for a couple of months now, highly recommended.
  10. I wear a foil helmet to stop the government beaming shit into my head.
    Can i double as a cold fusion reactor?
  11. Would you sell me 'detailed' instructions for the low, low price of $100*? I'm sure my massively reduced fuel consumption would quickly make up for that amazingly reasonable cost!

    *Plus $20 postage and handling
  12. If you ask ibast politely, maybe he'll let you use his...
  13. Both in this case, as far as I'm concerned.

    The concept because it has been shown to be bogus many times over. This claim because I read the article and based on even the very little information there, I concluded that the process is not viable. It is even written badky, although that could be because of the original language, and/or poor translation.
  14. Thanks Ogden.

    The world was flat - until somebody proved otherwise. Powered flight was impossible. Wheel driven (drag) cars would never break 7 seconds for the quarter... Many things are impossible until somebody does them and rewrites our understanding of the principal - but on the principals as we understand them today, you need staggeringly high temperatures and pressures to get fusion started. You can bring down either one, as long as you pump up the other even further, but I can't see anyone achieving trillions of degrees, or trillions of tons per cubic mm in a test tube. Now if you could figure out a way to trick the atoms into doing it, at lower temps or pressures, that would be great. You'd be looking for something that works like a catalyst, but on a fusion reaction.

    It would be nice to be wrong about this one. But so far, every mention of cold fusion, as well as every mention perpetual motion, vacuum energy, visiting aliens ... it's all BOGUS, and most of the people who bring them up are pretty bogus too.
  15. ok, let's test this ...


    Ha ! Win.