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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sluglie, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. have just had a phone call from Karita (Cols wife)

    he is awake and all the life support tubes and stuff have been removed

    he is still a little hazy and drug f@#ked but he is a lot better than anyone first thought he would be

    he has a smashed right hip and pelvis, triple fracture to his right thigh bone, broke left shin bone, harline fracture to his neck, and a broken collar bone, he is all plated and screwed together but looking good.

    his right foot (that was badly damaged in the accident) is looking good and blood is flowing well.

    once again Karita asked me to pass on her deepest and most sincere thanks for all the well wishes and donations

    she is hoping a few people would like to call in and see him in a few weeks and call him a bloody idiot :D

    but at the moment it is looking alot better than a few days ago

    i will keep you all posted

  2. Great News!!! :)

    Pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery...
  3. great news.

    hope he keeps on going strong
  4. Great News.
    All the collective positive thoughts paid off:)

    Excellent news, I might have a celebratory drink on his behalf :D
    Let then all know I'm still thinking heaps of positive thoughts.

    Thanks for the heads up Simon, good job. Thanks to all the netrider community who got behind the Brokey family, esp those who picked up the bike and did a lot off behind teh scenes work we don't hear about onteh forums etc.
    Even those like meself who donated, and those that passed on all the good wishes.

    Restores your faith in humanity it does (sniff sniff)

  6. Yeah what he said, good stuff.

    Once he is well enough perhaps we cna all rock up there one weekend at the horse-piddle, order a heap of pizzas and collectively have a feed.

  7. Great too here some really good news on Anzac Day, with all incidents etc over this long weekend what a great way too end it.

    Don't know Col, but I hope the small donation will go a long way to a full recovery. Keep up your strength Karita and all will be back too normal sooner than you think.

    Again GREAT NEWS
  8. THAT'S better news !!
  9. Great news. I don't think I've met Col, but count me in for the pizza run!
  10. Ummm Pizza.....

    Great news to end a long day :)

    God speed to a quick recovery Col.

  11. Great news, must be a huge releif for his family and friends.
  12. great stuff, glad to hear the old boys on the mend , its a long and hard journey but its the first step .
    keep strong col .
  13. Probably the best news were likely to hear all week.
    Best wishes,
  14. Sensational news!
    :D :D :D
  15. Fantastic news!!! :D :D :D
  16. Great news! :) Relieved to hear that he's gonna be ok.
  17. That's brilliant news! Most empathetic wishes for a speedy recovery!! <insert picture of guy with a mending broken right wrist from his own MC prang>
  18. Good luck Col and continue to heal well. :)
  19. Excellent news!!! :D :D :D
  20. aaaaaah
    some good news for a change..... :D
    nice to see he is on the mend
    good stuff!