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Coke: Why do they still try

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Two or three years on, coke are still spending millions in advertising coke zero as tasting like coke. However, any person with a working tongue knows that they taste as similar as lasagne and brussels sprouts.

    If they invested half of that into R&D they would be able to make the stuff actually taste like real coke.

  2. they do make stuff that tastes like real coke.....
  3. .....
  4. And what I hate more is people who say it's no different, like you said working tongue
  5. my bad...
  6. it's an abomination and should be removed from all vendors.
    wtf is with the "just for the taste of it" mantra.
    it tastes like shit., nobody likes the taste of shit.
    so they are trying to flog a product on the market that tastes like shit and endorse it for that flavour WTF????.
  7. As long as it doesn't taste like coke then we're going in the right direction.
  8. I have only had it once and hated it. Real coke or nothing.
  9. There are people who have to be very careful about the sugar they consume, so a sugar-free version of Coca Cola definitely has its place. Whether they should be spending money on advertising it, or on making it taste better is another matter...

    P.S. I very rarely drink cola, and on the occasions I do, I opt for one of the brands which use actual cola and stuff, such as Phoenix. Better taste.
  10. all that sugar-free crap gives you cancer.
    and makes your dick shrink.
  11. NOW that explains a lot of your posts.....
  12. Always, coka-cancer

  13. real coke or nothing - no pepsi or diet coke or coke zero or whatever else.

    i like vanilla coke, but it's not pretending to be coke, it is supposed to be different.
  14. vanilla coke is excellent. lucky it is in good supply on campus.
  15. yeah, i hope my move up north has lots of vanilla coke there for me!
  16. Coke is made with sugar..a natural product from sugar cane. Coke Zero and Diet Coke is made with Saccharin, a chemical 500 times sweeter than sugar,manufactured in a laboratory by chemical engineers..ants wont eat it..they dont recognise it as food,same with Aspartame,although Aspartame has a benefit over Saccharin..it also acts as a laxative.
    I hate the taste of it...it should be blown off the face of the earth.
    If you have to watch how much sugar you take in during your waking hours..stay the fu*k away from sugary drinks...ya dont drink stuff just for the taste of it,if that were true then Red Bull wouldn't sell at all.
  17. Red Bull tastes excellent. I can't understand why people drink dr pepper though.
  18. I don't like red bull much, my favourite energy drink is mother surge because it tastes a bit like fanta.

    Oh and I love Dr Pepper.
  19. i agree with lilley on this one. red bull rocks :) dr pepper blows ass
  20. ARGH!!! That brings back some awful memories.
    Tho' never drank coke (or any variation)