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Coke + mentos...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by jirf88, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. #1 jirf88, Nov 8, 2009
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    z5r5k7faX7c[/media]] Click! I could watch this for hours.

  2. Yeah I love that one.

    Especially love his mate behind the camera absolutely cacking it in the background.
  3. His mate is a tool, yer it was amusing but hysterical laughter?
  4. If I was there smee, Id probably have died. Keep in mind people are usually high when they do things like that :p
  5. I'm with smee; it wasn't that funny. Now if it had hit him in his silly head and knocked him unconscious, THAT would have been funny....
  6. I can believe the thrust of it! That's nuts!
  7. You never tried that Mitch? Its nuts! one of the bottles exploded while I was holding it, but it was worth the laughs/
  8. I got the day off work tomorrow. I'm gettin into it! Might strap some to the trumpy and see how it goes! Should strap some to the front forks to assist with wheelies..
  9. So much better if it had nailed him. Pretty good dodge though...
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  11. Wow. Thats nuts. Remember Mitch, it only works with diet coke!
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    [URL="]Eepy bird[/URL] diet coke and mentos fountain show.
  13. I did it as an experiment with my science education students (they're going to be middle years teachers, which includes teaching science, but some of them don't have a lot of science background) as a way of helping them learn about dependent, independent and controlled variables. We just did fountains, not rockets, but we discovered that:

    1. peppermint Mentos work far better than fruit Mentos, which work barely at all
    2. Diet Coke works, real Coke doesn't. We didn't test Zero, not sure...
    3. warm is much better than cold

    And finally, at the risk of being called a grandma or safety nazi or whatever, just take a couple of seconds, close your eyes, and imagine if the bottle in that (amazing) second YouTube video had taken an awkward bounce and come back and hit him square in the nuts...
  14. At the risk of being called an anarchist... if warm works better, would hot work better still?

    And would it work even more better if we were to crush the mentos up?
  15. I believe that it's micro-structure on the surface of the Mentos that acts as sites to allow the dissolved carbon dioxide to quickly come out of solution in gas form, so although grinding things up to increase the surface area speeds up almost all other reactions, I suspect in this instance it would have little or no effect, since it would just expose the (irrelevant to the reaction) guts of the lollies. Maybe lots of crushed 'shell'? Anyway, experiment always trumps theory: try it out!

    And yeah, the solubility of gases in water generally decreases with temperature, so the warmer the better, probably. (Hence why any bottle of softdrink that's opened while warm quickly goes 'flat'.) Again, give it a go and post the results!
  16. Ok everyone. Start collecting Mentos shells. With 15000+ members here we should have quite a good amount. :demon:
  17. Dammit Bravus, now I feel compelled to do so. Time to go and figure out the best way to harvest Mentos shells.
  18. I can see shit going nuclear real soon.
  19. If all goes well mate you'll be able to see the explosion from Newcastle :evil:
  20. Im sure there is a reason that it works best with about three or 4 mentos. Why wouldnt more work better? more reactants, better reaction isnt it?