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Coke cans .

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lady-in-red, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Hello

    Just want to thank the person who recommended placing coke cans around so i could practice my cornering . I was very slow at first but i seemed to increase my speed as i toiled away . Not as fast as you boys would do it but i was happy .

  2. Glad to here that, just keep plugging away and soon , you'll be asking these guys why the corner so slowly :) :)
  3. Goodonya!!

    Probably easily as fast as me :shock:
    Thee whole Idea is slow speed stuff anyway, the slower you can go, the better you'll be (in the test)

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  5. Great to hear.
    What do you know? We can actually give good advice sometimes!
    I'm going to get an aspirin and lie down for a while.
  6. You know it would be a lot easier if you actually quoted some of the other person's text so we know who you are talking to.
    :? ](*,) ](*,)
  7. What are you talking about Nick? :)
  8. Coke Cans

    Thanks - great :idea: , I had only commented tonight to my wife that we needed something for practicing slow speed drills. I was fixated on witches hats.

    So simple and effective.

  9. makes it more interesting DNL if you use Bundy cans, but ya gotta empty the mongrels first....
  10. use 20 empty Red-Bull cans, then you will fly through it!
  11. Nobby...don't mind if I try this - but I might try a bourbon can! End result should be the same as bundy though...cheers
  12. You know smee, if you checked the post immediately above my reply you'd find that I'm answering that post, they follow on from each other.
    Daring and innovative, don't you think?
  13. Except that at times OTHER PEOPLE post in between but then you always have been too pigheaded to see past your own reflection on the monitor aren't you?. Haven't you noticed there are posts between my last one and this?
    Can I help it you have no netiquette?
  14. mehehe, grumpy old men :p
  15. Except in this case there WAS no gap in between the two posts, so before you criticise me, smee for my SUPPOSED lack of netiquette, learn how to READ.

    (unless you have achieved perfection, that is. I'm sure you think you have, but from where I sit, brother, you've got a LONG way to go.)\

    So unless you have something intelligent to say (highly doubtful), save your uninformed blather.

    Amazing isn't it, how some people just HAVE to set themselves up as the moderators of other people's actions?
  16. i say you guys have a sabrespoon duel :D
  17. WRONG
    read again.
    btw I have stayed out of the rc bashing up till now but really get a friggin life mate.