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Coffs Harbour Air Show

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Wasn't upto the likes of avalon, but for a meer $10 entry was well worth it. All up less than $50 for a good days out !

    A few static displays, but mostly airobatic and flybys all day. Naturally the Roulets where in attendence with 7 aircraft and did two full on shows.

    Alot of ex ww2 aircraft , and older passenger planes like a restored constalation [ boy those things are very basic inside compared to todays 767's ] but I spose it was built in 1957!


    was thinking about going for a ride in this one till they gave me the price : $800 for a ten min flight :shock:


    this one sounded as powerfull as it looked , I could be wrong but I think the anouncer said 2000hp as it was taxing out for its run

    Grumman Avenger


    plus an old Catalina flying boat, and Hawker Dehavilland's by the bucket as well as a few little stunt planes ( those guys are mad ) :LOL:
  2. If that is an 'H' model, then the P-51H utilized a 2270HP, V-12 27 liter, V-1650-11 Merlin, the ultimate kick-ass inline piston engine.

    Fancy a slightly less powerful version for the daily commute?

  3. Yep, and on those high powered prop fighters, you can't just slam the throttle open either, they have so much power and torque through the propeller, they'll roll against full control inputs!
    I've had the pleasure of watching the Constellation fly a circuit and land, an awesome sound/sight.

    Regards, Andrew.

  4. Andrew "high powered" is a relative term, while undoubtedly awesome, the P51 is a puddy tat compared to Lyle Sheltons modified Grumman Bearcat. 'Rare Bear' has a triple injected Wright R3350 twin-row radial engine producing in excess of 4,000HP, and a fuel burn of 600 gallons/hour! Now that is a man's airplane!

  5. I have the pleasure of seeing the 'Connie' on a daily basis; she lives about 2 kilometres away from my house, at Albion Park Aerodrome. And you know what, I still rush outside and look up when I hear it flying overhead! :).
  6. That aint no radial!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. No, it's not supposed to be, that's a picture of Lyle Shelton, Mr Rare Bear. If you want a piccy of 'the bear' itself see below....

  8. Thanks, now I have aviation wood!

    Regards, Andrew.