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Coffs chapter of NR is now open for business :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Well it’s been a busy few weeks, but we’ve finally got things settled up here in Coffs and got the Net sorted out *er der*.
    ( including building Nadeen’s 4 square walk in robe :? :LOL: ) and how much room do I get in it ? sweet FA :roll:

    Hmm where do I start ? yes we have been to the beach ( water temp is a balmy 26degs ) but for some reason the people at the local Bunnings know us real well :LOL:

    But the riding, just to and from work is um..... grouse ! :twisted: :p
    for you melbournites, I get a combination of Reefton / Arthurs seat for 15k then some nice sweepers for the next 12k. So definatly getting all over tyre wear :wink:
    Been out exploring too, the road to Dorrigo is also a 'sprited run'. Listeing to the locals its going to take me years before I can say i've done all the 'good' runs around here :grin:
    Did I mention that Surfers is only 3 hrs away ? or the Oxley Hwy is just on an hr south / or 3 Hrs via the inland route :cool: :p

    And you all thought that i'd gone for good ! bawhawhahahahahahaha
  2. Sounds like you got the life on the coast and twisty in the back yard .
    Congrats and enjoy. :)

    Sled. :cool:
  3. Everything sounds great VTRBob. Have a wonderful time. And glad to see you've discovered the Dorrigo rd. Great aint it?! :grin:
  4. Good to hear VTR :grin:

    Now that the important bit is out of the way, have you all settled in? :)
  5. So you working in the Husky bike shop?

    Catch ya in May for the Ulysses AGM

    Cheers beerchug.
  6. And Coff's Harbour grow some of the best bananas too.
  7. Yeh I usually steal a couple when I go up each year :LOL: :)
  8. Love that Dorrigo road, but it doesn't end at the top of the hill! Great scenery up that way.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Jeez when did they get the net in Coffs?

    Well done mate might drop in on the next Griswald's trip to QLD :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Dang Bob, sounds like you got some nice roads there.. Glad you're safe and having a ball up there!
    Feel free to pop down and visit when you feel like it! :p
  11. I lived in Brisbane for 6 mths.. pity I had only an old Kwaka GT550 at the time.. but the roads south of Brisy... man they are some of the best riding I have ever done... just watch out for the "shade" some times there is very very slipery patch hiding in the shade...