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Coffins on wheels - Media crap again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NWRAP, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. some more sensational journalism

    SOURCE: http://east-torrens-messenger.whereilive.com.au/blogs/story/coffins-on-wheelsr/

  2. I'll bet you she's never even spoken to a motorcyclist. It's all uninformed tripe.

  3. How can reporting about a person's own experiences and feelings be "uninformed tripe"?

    I think she made some really good points. If riders are indeed using a public road to push the envelope and compete then they are putting themselves and innocent people at risk. It's this exact type of experience that gives us all a bad reputation.

    It might be a better approach to look at the opportunities that arise from such an article and address those rather than just discounting everything she reports.
  4. She opens her dribble with "motorbikes have long scared me" and ends with, "I'll definitely be telling Lily and Harper that motorbikes are coffins on wheels".

    A load of self rightous crap by a person who names her daughters Lily and Harper .. (that alone lost her any credability)

    Go back to the North Shore
  5. I'm confused by the message of the opinion piece, actually.

    - Opens with "Motorcycles are coffins with wheels! No protection"

    - Gives gonzo-journalism example of motorcyclist hurting themself

    - Tirade about two-wheeled street-racers selfishly putting others (not themselves) at risk.

    - Closes with "Motorcycles are coffins with wheels!"

    Is it an article about how bikes themselves are unsafe? Or that the demographic drawn to sporting machinery and spirited driving/riding are unsafe?

    My Little Pony toys are dangerous because they contain parts that can be swallowed by a small child. I saw a child with a My Little Pony toy grow up to become an abusive alcoholic. My Little Pony toys are dangerous.
  6. Can we assume that this "event" didn't even occur but rather is a bit of sensational journalism? But I'm sure she'd defend it with the "but it could happen" argument. The inference of this piece appears to be that every motorcyclist is a homicidal maniac hell-bent on placing the general populous (and kittens) at risk from their obscene obsession of "the thrill".

    @Spots - why stop at "My Little Pony"... the game of Monopoly may lead children down the road towards becoming a megalomaniac.
  7. Seemed to me to be an article about her poor driving skills.

    Came face-to-face with a rider ... which side of the centreline was she on in her nervous state?

    Can't execute a turn to go back and render assistance ... a turn which the vehicle behind her immediately did.

    And blames others for putting her kids in danger. Please. And to think I just wasted 2mins on this.:cry:
  8. Not a lot of places on the Black & Reefton Spurs or GOR you can easily do a U Turn either and the car behind might've been able to pull up on a wider part of the road or did a 10 point turn blocking the road doing so.

    You've also got to remember she got the shock of her life with a bike losing control and almost hitting her.
  9. Why do you guys keep reposting this, just let it die in a quiet corner of the internet? Its not even an Aussie article.
  10. ... she was intimidated by the road before she even started... she should have let her husband drive .... And maybe she would not have caused a rider to come off his bike!! .....[-(
  11. Ahaahaha Tweetstar!
  12. or worse, they could turn out to be Donald Trump :eek:
  13. Well, that'd make too much inherant sense to the reader, much more than the opinion piece. I wanted something a little more flippant and irrational. :)

    My beef with the opinion piece is her summary at the start of the article is "Motorcycles are coffins on wheels", her concluding summary is "Motorcycles are coffins on wheels" and so one would expect the words between those two sentences to be a thorough argument about the reasons why motorcycles are dangerous. Instead there's a long rant about how motorcycle riders are dickheads, with no connection made to the argument that motorcycles are dangerous.

    One imagines her next opinion piece will be analysis of the political issues engulfing both major parties of Australian politics, citing very thorough debate about how Just Right breakfast cereal tastes different ever since the factories changed to new PLC software. :)
  14. ..Seriously tho!.. it's crap like this that gives women a bad name!!... :rolleyes:...

    ..and why the heck should the rider be dead, just because she saw him slide along the road!!... sensationalism??.. :nopity:

    If she cared that f*cking much, she should have gone to bloody well help!!.... what a tard!!...

    Doesn't sound like she gets out much eh??.. and just as fricking well I say!...
  15. I once saw a man choking on a hot dog, I turned around and told my daughters that hot dogs are indeed coffins in a bun.
  16. You sure????
  17. Some people are great at channeling guilt into anger and resentment.

    Good to know you know something about the issue and aren't just talking shit.

    Closed minded, prejudiced and self righteous oxygen thief alert :]

  18. Umm yeah it is
  19. Ok fine, my point still stands about not giving these idiots a voice.
  20. You having a laugh?

    Gorge Road is most definitely here, and that it is the South Australian Gorge Road and not some other rendition can be identified by her mentioning the Gorge Road Wildlife Park, it is actually a nice spot for lunch.