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Coffee tonight ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. It's on isn't it ? Am I going to be the only one there ?

  2. There's always bike riders at the South Bank meetup area on Friday nights (not just Netriders). I'll be going in to it tonight as well at least :) If I'm not meeting anyone beforehand to ride in together, I'll be there about 6. I finish work at 5pm so I have time to kill to catch up with anyone relatively near the CBD to ride in together :)
  3. We will be leaving Mulgrave (HQ) between 5:30 - 6pm to go in for coffee if anyone wants to ride in with us. I have to call into Vic's work on the way but shouldn't take too long :)
  4. Flipper that sounds OK to me, but I'll have to confirm later this afternoon after the days urgent priorities expose themselves.......
  5. he wont be working he will be sitting outside in the staff area sucking down cappacinno's :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. riding my bike into work today, anyone going to still be at coffee around 11pm when i knock off ?
  7. I dunno Restricted, this is my first time at a Friday coffee night
  8. 8) I'll be there earlier on...if the beer doping scandal doesn't get me first
  9. Shan't be attending coffee tonight. Much to organise for the weekend!
  10. I'm about to get changed and get out of here. Earliest I'll be home will be 5:45.

    Flipper - check ya PM's if you're still online
  11. COFFEE VIRGIN.......mmmmmmmmmmmm
    fresh meat ............hehehehehehehehe

    look forward to seeing you doonx :wink: (rego man)
    make sure you say hello to us ( no one else talks to me :LOL: )
  12. I will grob ;) I met you on my first Monday night Coffee at The Glen :D
  13. Suddenly, everyone I know better will not be going.

    Will I be the only one there?

    Thinking of not going now.......girls change their mind, ok?

    Grobert, maybe I can talk to you in RL if I do go.....never really spoken to you in RL other than online.... :D
  14. I'll be going till at least 11pm, its the only night my kids let me go out :D :D :D
  15. i will have to come along to this as i need to do one of the following

    a/ kick vic in the nuts and run like mad
    b/ give vic $2 for a new membership card
    c/ all of the above
  16. wish every one had told me this BEFORE i started to talk to you
  17. Hurry up then, leaving about 6ish :p
  18. Is this not an event Event Announcements enquiry :?:

    So should it not be placed in the correct section.

    Cheers 8)
  19. Seeing as a moderater has posted twice to this thread then one can assume theres no problem .
  20. One would presume so................But maybe they are forgetfull, or maybe Coffee talk for the Coffee mod is General Information :p :p :p