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Coffee tonight ?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by doonx, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. is it on again at The Glen ?

  2. I hope so , or i'll be sitting there all by my lonesome !!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I should be there if some intervention doesn't stop me (work, divine, mum, etc...) Can someone please give me more details where is the meeting place 'cause I can see it's a bit difficult to find the group sometimes!!!
  4. I will be there tonight at about 5:45. A couple of us are leaving early to go see the recording of Two Wheel Torque if anyone else wants to tag along.

    NOMAD, from Noble Park, head up Springvale rd and turn left at the Waverley Inn (Bogong ave/Kingsway) and follow that around the bend till you get to the roundabout. At the roundabout, turn right onto the paved area and you will see the bikes parked there.
  5. Glen Waverley Shops, at Pescare Cafe opposite the library (ride up onto the paved area at the roundabout between the red bollards
  6. Thanx!!! See you tonight!!!
  7. I'll be giving tonite a miss. Feelilng a bit fluey and need the rest :)

    Have a good evening ya'll.

  8. I should be there some time after 6.30.

    Deb, if I haven't arrived by the time you head off could you pls leave the "shave for a cure" sponsorship book with someone to pass on to me?

  9. I'll be there!

    :D :D :D
  10. What time does everyone usually hang around till, because l dont get home till around 6.00 and by the time l get there would be about 7.ish
  11. 9-ish or later
  12. Then if the weather holds out l should be there for a coffee

  13. I will be there after 7.30.

    :D :D
  14. Just to say...it was nice to put some faces to some names!!! Altough a bit quiet, but I'm sure we(I) will get louder in the future!!!
  15. Lids - what happened to you ?
  16. Apologies everyone. I had every intention of going, get on the bike just on 8pm and it started to drizzle a fraction and I thought nah, I better not go, blah, blah. Leather jacket and jeans just does not cut it!! No excuses when I have wet weather gear though!!!

    :D :D
  17. Lids!!! [-X :facepalm: :-k
  18. Yes Deb, you know me. :oops: :)

    Will be at Bikemart tonight though. hehehe

    :D :D