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Coffee storage solution?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by neogeo, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Hi!

    Would any coffee addicts share their way for transporting coffee from location A to location B? (short distance)

    Do you guys use a mug? Or some type of mount?

    As final exams are nearing, I'm finding myself going out to buy coffee more and more often, only to find myself not being able to take it back to my office or library. I need to find a solution somehow!
  2. The only way I've seen it carried was in a mesh pocket on the side of a backpack. The guy had obviously done it before, so I can only assume it worked.....
  3. Good question for a Ducati forum.....

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  4. ...we have Ducati riders here, one should be along anytime now.
  5. Buy a scooter and one of these.
    Or hang it from your handlebars.
  6. You're not doing any favours for your man-brand...
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  7. This thread, hahahahaha.

  8. I balance it on top of my helmet. Have to be careful not to nod though.
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  9. When riding and camping I have used one of these Presso units. But for transporting locally from a coffee shop the leak proof thermos type mugs are good. Because life is too short to drink bad coffee. :)
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    Pour it in zip lock bag, stick down the front of your jacket, :D

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  11. Just get an esky (eg this one from BCF http://www.bcf.com.au/online-store/...x.aspx?pid=215892&menuFrom=330801#Description ) and put in a liner made out of folded cardboard, or a custom cut piece of plywood. I was having a think about this the other day as my wife is a bit partial to a hot chocolate and would excuse hours away on the bike if I take one home.

    That particular esky has tie down points but you'd be better off screwing it to your rack.

    Also serves as water-proof laptop carrier.

    Of course a thermos in the backpack is probably a better bet.
  12. This actually came up on another forum I go to (not a Ducati one), they sell on ebay cup holders for your handlebars and then you just supply the thermo mug and maybe a straw.

    I've wanted one but I'm too cheap so I got a PVC pipe cap and three strips of 3M velcro and stuck it to my tank, can't say I got too many looks from people when stopped at few set of lights that I was stopped but then again I was pretty much face down trying to pull the straw up with my gloves on, didn't get it to work out in the end but thoroughly enjoyed the slurpee when I got home.

    If you've got a GoPro or one of those you might even be able to make a DIY cup holder that you can screw into the suction mount.
  13. Speaking of drinks, and racks...
  14. Mulled wine would be ok I guess, serious temperature issues with just about anything else.
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  16. O they also bring it up in ducati forums
  17. Where do you put your handbag?
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  18. Maybe Tak can create a helmet like those two beer can hats with the drinking tube
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  19. I make some girl carry it.
  20. i just put it into the cup holder on the tank right next to the ashtray
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