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Coffee place for weeekend racers in Warburton =)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rdkls, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Disclaimer: per forum rules i'm not the business owner, this info is provided more in the interests of community than money; would be nice to have a place for like-minded riders to meet up for coffee round the twisties

    Hey, not sure how many people know about this place, it's a bit tucked away.
    On a weekend if I pass through Warburton, normally get my coffee there but there don't seem to be as many bikes as there should!
    (hence this post)

    The couple who run it only been there a couple of months, both ride, very friendly with good info on the local twisties, and the place is cool, decked out like a garage with big screen always showing some sort of motorcycle race.

    I forget the name (edit: called "Cafe Meccanica"), it's just below the bakery, you go down the side street (Thomas) and hook round underneath
    Should be able to see tables & signs outside if approaching from the west/reefton.


    Anyway let me know if you get up there & what you reckon. Next time I'm up there with people will take them there, spread the word I say.

    Oh yeah - looks like it's only open on weekends (saturdays)

  2. Hey Nick,

    It's not Wild Thyme is it? That's a great little coffee shop, with an outdoor section out the back and great rustic food and good coffee. Maybe not, I guess it's not too 'garagey'.

    I love a good Warburton coffe, but half the time I get take away and sitting next to the river, napping in the sun :grin:
  3. heya simon
    nup that's not it.
    I plan on heading up that way today (ah the joys of not working) so will get the name.
    Let's go up there sometime
  4. Hells yes - I would have come with you today, except I have reports to do :) Next time....I have your no. Will msg you when I don't have clients some day midweek and we can head out there.

    Also woudln't mind going somewhere that's not the std Warburton, SPurs, Kinglake route too as I seem to always ride out that way :grin: But still keen to try that coffee joint.
  5. Well shit, we were in the bakery yesterday. I think Cheffie wandered down there and came back up and said something like "it's pretty cool what they've got happening down there" but I thought he meant the donkey rides... :LOL:
  6. I happened to drop in there a couple of weeks ago. Pretty good grub. That was a Sunday.
  7. Hey I went there today, it's called "Cafe Meccanica"
    They're open weekdays 9-1pm (though were still open 2pm today) and weekends.
    Gonna drop round some DVDs of 2009 motogp & TT for them to put on :]
  8. hahaha ...... they ARE pretty good ..... just don't forget to wear proper protective gear ....