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coffee nights down the mornington way?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by speedhump, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering how many people would be interested in a coffee nights down the mornington way? Anybody any suggestion

  2. I'd be up for that. Did you have a place in mind?
  3. Just trying to think of places with decent parking,whats the pub on the esplanade,the royal i think???
  4. it has to be coffee on "L"s

    Love the coffee shops, at mornington. :) Barn and myself go there often, always a good reason to get on the bikes. But then again just wanting to go for a ride is a good reason to get on the bikes :grin:
  5. Yeah not a bad idea, I try to get to the Friday's at Southbank as I work in the city but a local on a different day would be cool.

    Plenty of cafes along main st or the esplanade, I prefer main street for the scenery! :grin: :grin:
  6. Sounds good to me ... Main St is always good for venues/scenery ...
  7. Yes please! Another option is the Peninsula Lounge in Moorooduc. Plenty of parking Mon-Thurs, close to the Peninsula freeway, close to mystery rides before or after if you wanted. It won't have the same vibe or 'feel' as Main St M'ton, but isn't a bad place.

    Other than that, Kirk's or the Royal are fine for parking and have great scenery :cool:
  8. Heck we have a lot of people down our way don't we?
  9. Sure seem to be a few of us down this way ... good to see :grin:

    I can't recommend the coffee at the Peninsula Lounge ... :roll: our "Ole Phartz" branch meets there regularly and I'm not a fan of the Lounges coffee at all ...

    Main St or environs is good or dare I suggest the cafe at the top of Arthurs Seat :grin:
  10. Now that is just a great idea for a weekend type catch up. mmm Sunday arvo in summer great, winter nup.
  11. Yep and that's something to take into consideration if it's going to develop into a regular all-year-round thing. Need somewhere that's "comfy" in Winter too.
  12. Definately city / suburban coffe nights are great for city dwellers but we fringe dwellers have work /family commitments etc . Name the place and time .
    Coolstore looks great to me.
  13. Us and half of the cage-tourists at the same time :LOL: Mornington is looking good - what about Daveys in Frankston?
  14. Im cool were ever its all good,Franga got to many tools on a evening for my likein lol what night would be good??? any nights good as afar as in m concernd,im one of the lucky guys that dont have sprogs to worry about(well none i know of)
  15. Hey! I resemble that remark!! :shock:
  16. not having ago at you personaly ,unless yr one of the tools who took it up on them selves to try my bike on for size pissed??? whilst i was having tea at daveys
  17. Yes indeedy, up for this.

    Problem with Main St - during the week at least - is that everything closes early (Main st/bentons square etc are way too good to actually work normal opening hours :evil: )

    There's the new complex in Frankston...where the cinemas are...don't know how late they're open, but there's a coffee shop underneath and you can park your bikes all along the footpath and be annoying :LOL:
  18. Not guilty :p

    There is also the new Village cinema complex at Karingal hub. Quite a few restaurants and parking.
  19. Blimey ill go were ever pea go,s lol wow!!!!
    as you can see my glamour photo didnt turn out lol
  20. I presume "pea go,s" is me :p

    Yeah Karingal's another option. Either way, they're both 2 mins from me :p
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