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Coffee Morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Unfortunately due to family committments I am usually unable to attend Monday and Friday coffee nights. Wondering whether anyone would be interested in a Sunday morning coffee/breakfast meeting, perhaps from 10am at somewhere like Mulgrave Maccas, corner of Springvale and Wellington Rds.
    Anyone interested? If so might put a post in the announcement section if response is favourable.

  2. yep, me and flipper will be there in a minnie
  3. Would definitely be a lot easier for me to get to than Monday or Friday night. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  4. I dont know about this whole "morning" thing :p although I can testify to the quality of the coffee at that maccas. :)
  5. we went and no-one turned up :( so went back to hq for some super bike action on foxtel. :p
  6. cbrdno and flipper, sorry, didn't mean this morning. Wanted to know if anyone would be in on it, as a regular thing, if so, will make the necessary arrangements. If no-one interested then thats ok too.
  7. Geeze Dean,

    You're keen, I only just rolled out of bed!

    Got a call out at 5.45am. Some prick tried to break into work.

    I really have to get off the monitoring list!

  8. Maybe a bit more than 2 hours notice might get more people there.
  9. have to be quick around here. as they say ya snooooooze ya loooooose :shock: that is a crap sayin :?
  10. :shock: aha. Er... oops. Figured the orignal suggestion was for next week onwards. Went to Degraves in the city instead... :D
  11. Sunday has a morning section??? :shock:
  12. It helps to redefine 'mornings' as meaning between 11 and 4 on Sundays.
  13. If u pick somewhere better then McChucks 4 a morning coffee we might b interested in attending occationally. Like friday's, we're only occationlly attendes.
  14. Sunday Morning Coffee

    I'd be interested, always need another heart starter for the day 8)
  15. And after the coffee, we could go for a ride perhaps?? :wink:
  16. that makes it sound much more appealing... reefton anyone? :p
  17. Oh now that's got my interest up...A regular morning meet, over a discussion on where to go for the day. Those not interested in the journey can tootle off on their own to wherever or whatever...

    I'm liking this idea... Is Mulgrave central enough though?

    I guess we could move it around if we plan to ride somewhere else?
  18. I like the idea of Sunday morning coffee and breakfast (and if interested then followed by a ride)!

    Starting next sunday (march 6)? :)
  19. I'd be up for it if it was at Mulgrave Maccas. Footy season has started once again which means my Sundays are booked up for the next 7 months but I would be able to call into that maccas and have a coffee before the game :D
  20. Sunday morning is sooooo much easier than Friday or Monday nights for me..

    And a ride afterwards is a great idea..