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Coffee advice needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Blabber the awesome, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Looks like I'm getting a new Ducati next week.
    It's big and black,anyone got advice on cafes/coffee styles around Adelaide that will be becoming of my new image?

  2. Hmm, if your seriously asking this question maybe you should stick to McCafe or Gloria Jeans?
  3. dewy... it's a forum with the majority of the people here thinking that they're the next chris rock ;)

    blabs, i think you need to drive around on a fine sunday morning, yes, drive, save that maintenance and cleaning of your bike, find a cafe with lots of fellow ducati riders, or other clean and uncomfortable bikes for longer rides, and then meet them there the next fine weathered sunday.
  4. Blabber, the Baristas in Adelaide just cannot make a decent half double decaf espresso moccachino with a twist of jalapeno, so I suggest you stick with a muggachino instead.
  5. I dont like chino,I was thinking more a black coffee to go with the bike,not sure on the sugar level though.
  6. two sugars. make sure your pinky stays firmly away from the mug

  7. I'm thinking about getting the bike shop to deliver it,as it will be peak hour and rain is predicted.
    My dilemma is,I only have instant at home,will I buy a plunger or a perculator to have that hymen breaking experience with my new Ducati.
  8. I recognise this - its an attempt at humour, right?

    Epic fail.
  9. Blabber, could you tell me which bike shop it is and I will get them to deliver me a coffee as well. getting a coffee in peak hour is pure Hell. But I don't have any sugar as it adds to my spare tyres.
  10. So bad I thought it was just another dick on the internet, it is sad that this classes for humour.
  11. My Advice is to help with keeping the bike clean as mentioned before by lowercase

    Trailer it to a street around the corner from the cafe then take it of the trailer and ride it the last 50 meters to the cafe to ensure that it remains spotless always

    You could also cover it in cotton wool and then a layer of glad wrap while you have it on the trailer to ensure no inadvertent nasty bug splatters its insides all over the screen of the bike for example

    Ensure to carry a small sports bag with lots of virgin white flannel material and a brand of 5 minute quick polish ensure to give it a 5 minute detail before starting the engine up and riding that last 50 meters

    then do a final buff with a micro fibre cloth -- ensure that it is enjo and not some nameless chinese brand to remove 100 % traces of dust or polish residue

    then take your right hand and start furiously pumping your nether regions while dressed in the most expensive two piece matching leathers and boots and gloves you can find to warm yourself up for the Ducati Cafe Riders conversations.

    oh and ensure to have a imported non certified helmet as well - the most expensive available anywhere in the world so that you can have something to jerk circle about with Rattus Norvegicus (edit - hard for a circle to be formed with only two people -- go for the dutch rudder instead)

    In fact call yourself Rattus Niger ( black rat ) or to be technically accurate " Rattus rattus" and start calling everyone "dahlink" and "little air biscuit trouser burp" in a Zsazsa ( or Eva ) Gabor accent

    and while you are doing all organise a few friends ( or buy some ) to come and take a dump on all the other Ducati's but yours

    you can easily distract the other riders for this to happen by aggressively pointing at a random passerby and commenting how ( you personally know ) that they lack any culture , finesse or class let alone any style because they drive last years model Mercedes Kompressor convertible

    :) :):):)
  12. What's a Ducati ??? Is that like a petifore you have with your coffee.
  13. Rundle street posing for you..if you had a big asian four I'd say Hindley street or jetty road in Glenelg,but seeing how you'll be gracing the street with an Italian then you'll have to appear at the top end of the city.
    I would say try posing for effect in the Unley area but it's only wankers and toffs that go there and thats not the image we want.
    You'd best bee seen with Macchiato in a Demi-tasse..pinky aloft...oh and wear one piece factory colours too,anything else will make your coffee taste like muck.
  14. Speaking of Petit Fours, there are a couple of nice pastry places in Dandenong where you could park the Duke outside whilst you slake your thirst with some Green/Eco friendly Jungle Alliance Free Trade Sumatran Robusta Java from one of the dandy Sudanese cafe joints.
  15. ducati's don't really suit black coffee. I'd either suggest chai, or something half strength and very short with lots of milk/froth and at least two sugars.
  16. Excellent advice,except from the idiot motolegion,why mention Rattus?
    You really have no idea do you?
  17. because you two belong together
  18. Rattus is ok, when you read through the stuff he writes, he knows his stuff
  19. Are you a matchmaker (if so---fail)
    If you want a go at me-go for it.
    If you want to have a go at Rattus-**** off you gutless turd and say it to him,not me.
  20. a= no
    b=I just did
    c= already have