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Coco's Awsome Protest T-Shirts

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by es, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I picked mine up last saturday and they look great.

    All are in XL, and $5 each. This is the only size he got done, big enough to fit over (some :p) peoples jackets etc.
    The slogan is printed on teh back.

    I am considering going to cocos sometime this week and picking up a few more, to sell at sunday coffee. Otherwise you can PM him and pick it up your self :)

    He only made 50 so get in quick!!
  2. Sound great Coconuts, only problem is that being a fat f#$@ I will be needing a XXL to go under my jacket.
  3. So what's the slogan printed on them?
  4. the reason for the limited sizing was he was paying out of his own pocket and trying to get cheap as possible. Perhaps if we charged a little extra on these shirts we could make a profit, and get more done in other sizes?

    we also need someone else to do the printing as coco is retiring :p... vic?
  5. If you go Es, pick one up for me.

  6. :oops: you beat me to it es :p

    sorry bout the singlet tho, seriously, i reckon it'll look fine after 3 or 4 beers, wouldn't be able to tell the difference :LOL:

    i was actually considering going round to coffee myself (would be the first time) if i can find a bit of spare time, should be much easier than writing out all those envelopes :LOL: . i want to save a couple for ride organisers/helpers, so lets say i have 40 of them up for grabs.

    the slogan is "want this space? Let Me Split", its that neato graphic that chairman posted up ages ago.

    unfortunately, due to budget constraints, i bought the only tshirts i could find cheap enuff, they only had them in L and XL, so i just bought XL. XL would be a tight squeeze over my jacket, but i figure i can just cut it up a little and make myself look like the hulk :cool:

    please drop me an e-mail if you want one - 99coconuts@exemail.com.au

    if they sell like hotcakes, i'll do a run of 100 very soon....
  7. Ill take some pics soon :)
  8. Kewl, thanks for that! You can just e-mail to me at josh.robbins@gmail.com if you like!
  9. Are there any left Coco? I PM'd but haven't heard from you. I'll definately have one if they're available. Will happily ride to you to pick it up. :grin:
  10. Just picked up 2 from Coco (and his dad) in Westall. Nice Job.

    Get in fast folks while there are still some left.
  11. Can I pick one up at Fri night coffee?
  12. i am going to try and make it to friday night coffee, havn't been yet but i've heard all sorts of wonderful things about it :p :p

    seany, sorry if i didn't get back to you, i think i might have 'filed' a few PMs to get back to them later (filed being another word for forgotten about :LOL: ). drop me an e-mail mate, 99coconuts@exemail.com.au :grin:
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  14. hey nutman ,
    i will take 2 maybe 4 off your hands at coffee if you get in .
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  16. No wonder it's dangerous - there's no drivers in them cars.
  17. :LOL: that's brilliant
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  19. lol curiously that one looks surprisingly familiar to this one i found linked to the MRA website. With the exception of the sidecar and what appears to be the passengers have jumped into the driver seat, the image is identical. Freaky coinsidence