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Coconuts you have a stalker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by scooter, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. 'coz the real one is Coconuts


    :LOL: :LOL:
  2. :( I want a Stalker...... :(
  3. Address and phone number please?

    I'll try and sort something out for you :eek:
  4. Oh, I want a stalker too (anything to get some attention)
  5. See post above yours.

    hmm :? ... there seems to be a market for this? I might have to run upstairs to the patent attorneys to copyright this service :LOL:

    What would the hourly rate be for this service, I wonder?
  6. I had a stalker :evil:

    Frankly, I prefer to be able to sleep at night not wondering if I will be woken by the sound of my Spada being torched.

    Its nice to feel wanted, unless you are being wanted by the wrong person

    :evil: :roll: :D
  7. I totally understand brother; doin the xgf's sisters aint always such a smart move :( ... well the getting busted part truly isn't anyways :D

    [PS: Can any tell that I am totally bored and have absolutley no work to do today?]

  8. Your welcome to some of my work.....far far far too much for one person to handle.
  9. WOOO HOOOOOO!!! i'm popular :D

    someone wants a piece of me? oooh ooh, what should i wear :?: i've got butterflies in my stomach.... :LOL:
  10. hey, and i've got negative karma now :shock:

    *sniff sniff* that hurts you know, and i was soooo close to elightenment :cry:
  11. I'd be happy just be sexually harrassed in the office like in the old days :p