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Cocaine found in Red Bull

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, May 26, 2009.

  1. So for those that drink red bull...drugo :grin:

    mind u this is o/s, but just shows we know jack on what they put in our food and drinks these days....



  2. maybe she thought she'd be so light she wouldn't NEED wings....

    remember, though, they sponsor 'our' Mark Weber, so you've got to cut them a bit of slack :LOL:.
  3. its not helping him lolol, maybe he needs the cocaine version
  4. I must say, I'm glad this little idiot doesn't live in the states! Wonder if she'll still try for a frivolous lawsuit.
  5. So assuming $2.50 for a can of Red Bull, you'd have to spend $6.25million to get one gram of cocaine??

    Screw that.
  6. Yeah, I heard from a friend of a friend it sells for much cheaper.
  7. Red Bull & Cola is horrible. You wouldn't buy a second can on purpose.
  8. "A Red Bull spokesman said there was “scientific evidence that caffeine is not addictiveâ€.

    Caffeine is a horrible substance. More research should be done into its negative affects on people's health.
    For the last 18 months I had this nagging medical condition. I went to "this specialist and that specialist" until one day one of said that try giving up all caffeine, tea, coffee, chocolate, energy drinks etc.
    I did that back in December last year and I've never felt better.
    The withdrawl is quite strange though..
    I'm convinced now that caffeine is a poison.
  9. Only in Amercia... Oh no wait.... :rofl:

    I love the part in the article where it says "After a minor heart attack..." Classic. :LOL:
  10. :?: He's coming fourth in the driver's championship and only 3.5 points away from third (which is also a Red Bull car) :wink:
  11. And I have an allergic reaction to certain types of bandages, they're not poison... :?
  12. Yes and no. Naturally occurring caffiene such as in coffee and tea and chocolate and in small amounts can actually be beneficial to your health as a gentle stimulant. The amounts found in those energy drinks is NOT healthy though, and having heaps of it every day isn't healthy. And all the crap and additives that go with it isn't heathy either.
  13. Get ACA and TT onto the job. Good work goz bringing this outrage to our attention.
  14. Caffeine is big business. There are new coffee shops popping up all over the place. You can't go far without running into a a groovy new coffee shop. "Let's get together for coffee. Time for a coffee break. Coffee pot goes off before my feet hit the floor. Travel mugs for sipping coffee on your way to work. I'll just have this chocolate bar to pick me up this afternoon." Caffeine - It's everywhere! It's everywhere!
    Caffeine is present not only in coffee, but also tea, soda, chocolates and in certain pain relievers, such as aspirin or acetaminophen. It is also sometimes used in combination with an antihistamine to overcome the drowsiness caused by the antihistamine.

  15. I love my morning coffee and anyone who comes between me and it in the morning is very brave or very stupid lol

    In certain cultural backgrounds coffee is not just a drink but a lifestyle. In Europe thats what you do, go down to the local cafe, drink coffee, talk crap and spend time with friends. In certain places its like the equivalent of meeting mates at a pub.

    Like Zenyatta said its the amount of caffeine that is added to energy drinks that is dangerous, not your average capuccino.

    Heaven forbid people grow a brain and realise that moderation is the key when it comes to what you eat and drink - and that skulling red bull until you are bouncing off the walls is probably not seen as a good weight loss plan.
  16. And I can tell you that drinking too much of the shit will have you lying in a box next to my cousin :(

    Trouble is that the caffeine in those drinks caffeinated your body differently to coffee. They thicken your blood and stress your heart.

    Dead at 37 of a heart attack isn't too good.

    Don't get me wrong, I've had a few of the "energy drinks" when doing night shifts but moderation is the key.

    I grabbed a Red Bull & Cola from Mark's garage in Albert Park and it was the worse drink I've ever had.
  17. Meh… traces of Cocaine. Whoopee F#$kin Do.
    When I was in Peru we had coca leaves in tea every morning, and the porters on the Inca trail chewed em all day long.
    Unrefined they are fine, It is the refined stuff that is the problem, just like poppy seed cake isn’t any real issue but heroine is known to F#4k peoples lives (Yes I know that some people claim to manage it fine)
    And caffeine … As has already been stated here, in it’s natural form in sensible amounts no real issue but pump it into these cans in ridiculous quantities and just like all other drugs… Something’s gota give.
  18. There is between 60 - 100 mg of caffeine in your standard cup of coffee. There is 80 mg of caffeine in a can of red bull.
  19. give me a nice hot, swweet flat white over a Red Bull any day
  20. I would rather have a Beer.