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Coburg Drive-in

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by XedZed, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Hey does anyone know if the coburg drive-in allows motorcycle entry?
    Will sit there quietly with headphones enjoying a movie.

  2. There you go, I didn't know there were still any drive-ins left.

    I used to love going to the drive-in as a kid (and later as a young adult - but that's another story reserved for a not so family orientated forum).
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  3. There is one in Blacktown (i think it is) too
  4. Still a bit far to go for night out.

    The drive-in in Wagga closed down years a go. It's now a complex that sells fishing gear, bikes, boats, caravans and camping stuff and it's called, how's this for an inventive name, "The Drive-In Leisure Center".
  5. Yes you can, but how will you hide the passenger, no boot to sneak them in on a bike.
  6. My side car outfit had a boot... obviously the appropriate bike for movie watching is an outfit! :angel:
  7. lol yep, and sneak in the booze and munchies too, those speed humps make a mess of the suspension if you're not careful tho lol
  8. That'd be freezing. Take a blankie.
  9. and a hot bod.
  10. Why bother? Go to a regular cinema park on the footpath and enjoy a normal cinema with good seats/decent sound/less mosquito.
  11. A drive in?? I've only seen them in movies and have never ever been to one. Can you get like headphones and stuff at one? I heard some provided you with little speakers if you choose.

    Maybe a netrider drive-in night is in order? Except we ride-in of course!!
  12. From memory it has 3 screens and they had some spots with speakers
  13. Last time I went to a drive in you could tune into the sound via your car radio. Imagine it would also work with iPhone, ipod etc

    JUst checked Village website:
    Head to the Village Drive-In on a Monday for half-price entry! Every screen, every Monday!
    Adults: $8
    All Concesions: $6.50
    Plus an amazing only $20 per Car Load every Monday night!

    For a night of good 'ol fashioned movie fun, bring your family or a carload of mates to the Village Drive-In.

    When the gates opened in November 1965, the opening attraction was Alfred Hitchcock's "Marnie" plus "McHale's Navy". Today, a variety of blockbusters are projected onto their three screens spanning 33 metres wide, and sound is picked up through a FM stereo broadcast.

    You can grab a bite to eat in the retro style diner or order from your car via SMS to have snacks delivered straight to you. From popcorn to burgers and fries, there's sure to be a treat to compliment your night out.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Coburg Drive-In for a memorable movie experience.

    Address: 155 Newlands Road, Coburg, VIC, 3058
    Ticket Box: 03 9354 8633

    * Mad Mondays Half Price Entry is not valid on Public Holidays or on Special Events, e.g. Movie Marathons.
  14. Have taken our younger kids there a couple of times. Can contain the kids to the car rather than running wild in a cinema when they get bored.
    3 Screens gets very busy on a friday & saturday night, can get packed out. Holds 850cars. We tune the car raido into the provided FM station the sound quality is great. They even offer food deliveries to your car, just call your order through and they bring it out.

    I thought it would be a bit different to go on the bike, take an FM radio, headphones, a fold out chair, should be warm enough in my bike gear, sit back and enjoy the movie and atmosphere.

  15. We've been there a few times with the kids when they have the 'car load of people' deals.

    It's fun but very different than going to the cinema.

    I'm not sure how well bikes would work, you really need a seat and most bike seats aren't ideal for that.

    Maybe strap a $10 folding chair across the pillion seat and do it during summer when it's warmer?

    There is radio transmitted with the sound from the movies which is much clearer than the speakers (and not all spots have speakers).

    You'd want to take along a portable FM radio for best results (unless you ride a Gold Wing or similar).
  16. Hmmm well, have fun at the "ride in" .I don't think I could handle the attention if I was the only bike amongst hundreds of cars and kiddies running amok.
  17. There is also the peninsula drive in at dromana straight off the freeway, 3 screens there as well
  18. This is crazy, awesome idea though. When my bikes up and running I'd take it to drive-in's during the summer. There's one in Dandenong - Lunar Drive-in
  19. It would work better if it was a group of bikes yes :)
  20. Hi everyone,

    I actually work at the Coburg Drive In. We do allow motorcycles. Can provide you with a small portable radio for the sound. Otherwise, a iPod/Phone with some earphones will work too. There's a small area of grass at the front of each screen, which isn't a bad place for a picnic rug on a nice summer/spring night. Winter isn't the best time though, especially on a bike.

    Looking forward to seeing you if you choose to come by.
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