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Cobra pipes on XVS650A

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by SilverXVS650A, May 26, 2009.

  1. Hi netriders

    Can anyone give me some advise on air filters. K&N???
    I'm taking my XVS650 09 for it's first 1k service on Thursday when I get my Cobra slashcuts fitted with Dyno kit.
    Now the bike shop did't mention about changing the air filter only a mate of mine at work mentioned it.
    I rang the bike shop and they said it's not needed.
    I rang another Yamaha dealer and they said yes do it!!!!!
    Is it vital to do so or not.
    I'm sure I wil get a mixed response to this question :?

    Ps: If I don't change the air filter now is it ok to change later without having to take bike in to get re-jetted???

  2. Pretty sure it's not needed as plenty of folks over at the Yamaha forums have exhaust systems fitted without changing it. Though lots tend to put a hypercharger or similar on at the same time as new pipes.

    You could ask at yamahamotorcycleforum dot com lots of xvs650 owers there and aussies too.
  3. Thanks mate for the headsup on that site I will check it out.

  4. How do you like it by the way? I ordered my xvs650 this week and it should come in next tuesday :)

    It's coming fitted with a hypercharger and vance & hines pipes, had a slight delay as I wanted the blue not the black.
  5. Mate it's a fantastic bike!!! love it. Awesome low end torgue get up and go.
    Today was the first day I opened it up in 1st 2nd and 3rd and it took off throwing me back slightly and holding on!!!! 100k's b4 I went to 4th then 5th.
    When it's properly broken in which is around 5000k It will really open up then.
    U'll love it. Deff not a sports bike but it sure has some grunt for a 650 cruiser.
    Blue or Black? what yr model is it? 2009 only come in white or 2tone silver which they call silver bluish.

    Yes hyper to come when I get tax return :grin:
  6. It's on 09, but yeah you have a classic, I went the custom.. so my options were Raven (black) or the tommy blue, I opted for the blue.
  7. Ok cool Diomac

    Enjoy the ride and stay safe