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Cobra pipes fitted

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SilverXVS650A, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hi Netriders

    Today was the day I got my first 1k service and cobra slash cuts with dynojet kit fitted for my brand new 09 XVS650A by a what you would call a "big" bike dealer which is where I bought the bike.
    Besides being ripped off with the charges for the service and fitting of pipes and re-jetting carbs I'm very pleased with the sound and most of all the extra power the pipes has given the bike. With stock pipes while crusing gear changes were (20kms 2nd) (40kms 3rd) (60kms 4th) anything over 60kms hr wanted to go into 5th but now in 4th it cruises at 60 and wants to change at 80kms hr.

    So far I have these questions....

    1. What I would like to know would an oil change make the motor a little noisy? seems like its a bit rattly than when I took it in on the left side which is the oil sump and a touch on the right hand side of the motor. I had a brand new bike not long ago and after the first service didn't notice any differnce.

    2. Would the pipes give the bike more vibrations? I can feel vibrations on the footboards more than before. Actually I don't think I did feel anything with the stock pipes.

    3. Is it normal for backfire? In traffic I noticed cruising in 3rd letting go off the throttle it slightly backfires.

    4. My rear brakes are so hard now!!! I locked up slightly side ways and when I realised went off with the brakes and came to a safe stop when the car in front decided to stop and check his TOM TOM!!! would they of had to take my brake assembly off to get the pipes off? and in doing so it has changed?

    5. Does anyone recommend a place I could go in Sydney to get it checked on a Dyno because quite frankly I don't have faith in the workmanship at this place.

    Now I could ring them 2moro and ask all these questions but like I said I am over these "big" bikes shops and would rather get feed back from here and from now on I will stick to the independant shops that give a damn.


  2. Can't help you with a dealer, but my mate had a backfiring issue and even stalling after getting this pipes done, and it was caused from a bad re-jetting. Took it to someone else who redid the jets and hasn't had a problem since.
  3. they could have been cheap and put in thinner or cheaper oil, which can cause noise. which can give u that extra vibrations.

    shouldnt be normal to backfire especially after a rejet

    did they change your rear pads/disc. im not too sure about your bike, but generally they dont attach the brakes to the pipes. why are you using your rear brake to stop? its totally rubbish compared to the front

    1K service should also include a full going over the bike, tightening all the nuts and screws.
  4. Thank for your feedback.

    Took the bike to S&R PRO Performance and Products in Penrith and Steve the owner is the man!!! he has a dyno and the bike is booked in next week for a check over and dynotune.

    He said.....backfiring (which is not your normal backfire it's quite a subtle backfire) is quite normal and now I quite like it :grin:
    The vibrations are normal as well due to the pipes.
    The brakes had been adjusted from the rear nut. Why they did this I have no idea but adjusted back so I have some free play (setup).
    I use both brakes front and rear for normal stops. Slow riding in traffic I use rear brakes. Emergency I use both but more on the front. But in the lock up I had as described in the thread the rear locked up due to the adjustment that was made by dealer.
    Noisy motor...Steve says they should of used synthetic oil not the Motul 1000 Mineral oil. So I'll be changing that this weekend.

    The way I see it you go to a big dealer they say leave the bike in morning pick it up in afternoon what they do on the bike you have no clue.
    At least now where I'll be taking it I will be able to stand there with Steve the man and he will talk me through what is happening and even maybe learn a little about mechanic's. Now that's service.

    Oh by the way this morning went to wahs and polich the bike and what do I see under the tank front of the seat where there is a bolt to be taken off for the removal of the tank "a big2.5 inch scratch on the frame" had to be done by a spanner taking the bolt off.

    Thanks once again for your feedbak
  5. Glad you found someone you can have some faith in, some popping on decel can be normal but alot of folks with the 650 say they have emilinated it by tweaking with the air/fuel mix after the new pipes went on and a rejet.

    With the new vibration you can try syncing the carbies I know this used to work on my other bikes.
  6. Thanks Diomac

    Your a champ!

    I think I will put the K&N filter on before I get Dynotune done so that way it can be tweaked or tuned with correct air flow.

    Cheers mate
  7. I tell ya Tuesday can't come fast enough to pick mine up, but will admit I am very hopeful they do infact spend the time to tune it right..

    Wondering how loud the V&H Short Shots are with the quiet baffels in are, and can't wait to see the hypercharger and reject effect.