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coastline cruise to Portsea Thurs 5/01/2012

Discussion in 'VIC' started by MT1, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. meet point > new maccas in Ringwood.
    no not the old one at Eastland. the new mc mega 24/7 maccas, where the holden dealership used to be.

    time > anytime you want prior to 9:45am. won't be there after then. will be gone already.

    who > me, you, and whoever else rolls up. all welcome. level 0-100 inclusive.

    how > no tec, no corner marking, no ride leader, no rules. you can collect antlers on the freeway if you want. just don't crash into me.

    where > just point to point , Ringhole maccas > Portsea pub by lunch time.
    so it's bang smack down Eastlink, right at Thomson, hit the coast at Carrum, follow the shoreline down to Portsea. around 2 hours one way probably.

    why> need to get bread and milk
  2. I'll be there with bells on! (hey it's better then antlers isn't it?)
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  3. Bikes parked at Portsea Pier

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  4. Another bike shot

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  5. Portsea Pier

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  6. Portsea pier. Perfect weather for coastline cruise :)

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  7. wow, that really is a good phone.
  8. Damn i regularly ride down Portsea way just for the hell of it. I would of loved to come but alas my bikes still in the shop & probably will be for another week :(
  9. not a bad road, with the ocean to your right. but traffic holiday period, woah.

    the good news is, Loretta finally released the penguin she caught at PI last week.
    had about as much fun as we could with it.
    but time for the little fella to swim home.
  10. Sure you wouldn't prefer going the back way through Hastings and Flinders? Far more enjoyable route and less traffic...
  11. true, nice down at Hastings. plenty of summer left
  12. I actually enjoy taking the Esplanade Rd route from Mornington Main St end all the way to Sorrento/Portsea (lunch or quick stop at Sorrento Pier) before backtracking the same way until Boneo Rd. Taking the right turn reveals some wonderful roads around Boneo, Cape Schank, Flinders, Hastings with a mandatory stop every time into Tyabb Westernport Aero Club (touch with my past).
    Beautiful roads down that way.
    Sometimes, I might vary it slightly with a run up Arthur's Seat.
    I agree 100% about the traffic on the way down to Portsea - arse-numbing, frustrating and sometimes VERY slow, usually with radar guns/mobile speed cameras positioned inconspicuously....
    Out of action for the next 2 weeks (work commitments aka sweating, stressing, studying) but once done, looking fwd to a jolly down these parts again.
  13. sounds like nicer scenery then my kilmore,broadford,strathscreek,yea, flowerdale,kinglake west whittlesea i did yesterday mind still enjoyed my spin :)
    I didnt spot your posting MT1 or I would have met up.

  14. my favourite lazy arvo, with a compulsory stop at Flinders for a refreshing cider.
  15. I can second that. some nice riding roads heading back up that way.
  16. i like that way too, great scenery and yes boneo road is fantastic, i need to go back down there soon.
  17. Not guilty!
  18. That's the way we took in, through Mornington with a coffee stop at Main St then followed the coast line all the way to Portsea. Was a bit of holiday traffic in Rye but a good way to practice your filtering skills hehe Took Mooroolduc Hwy & Eastlink Fwy home. Not as fun but quick