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...coast to coast in 50 hours, Jacksonville to San Diego

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. "...coast to coast in 50 hours, Jacksonville to San Diego.


    On the first day of his trip he had a crash. He woke up four days later in the hospital with no memory of crashing. He's still not sure what happened - the police report shed no light on the subject.


    This being America, while he was in his hospital bed still confused from the concussion, his "wife" served him divorce papers..."

    more here
  2. Yikes! :shock:

    Interesting about his flip open helmet too. I never did like anything other than a full face helmet.
  3. Did you look at the pic? It looked to me like a full face with flick open visor just like most of us here Oz use everyday! So what would suggest we wear?

    When full faced helmets where first introduced they were blamed for fatalities due to broken necks based on their design which has since been modified to prevent this!

    If you have a better idea then patent it & look for a manufacturer!
  4. in america they are BIG on open faced helmets. I know quite a few american riders who insist that "full face helmets are dangerous because they obscure your vision." they argue that open faced helmets are safer because you can see around you more.

    it's one of those "freedom" things that they keep going on about.

    personally, i'll stick with my full face helmet
  5. The helmet in question has a flip up jaw bar. Great for people with glasses. But it seems that they do have a downside too.
  6. This being America, while he was in his hospital bed still confused from the concussion, his "wife" served him divorce papers..."

    hehehe...silly woman...why, as she only gets half the goodies now. Sounds like she only has to wait a bit longer and she will get everything.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  7. Did you READ the article? :roll:

    If you take a closer look at the pic, you will see that the whole front hinges up. If you bothered to read the write up on it, you would have read that the writer believes the large hinges supporting this, is what caused the injuries to the riders temple.

    Here's a snippet from it:
    PS: I don't mean to be aggressive, however, I believe this to be an appropriate response to your antagonistic, puerile post.
  8. the bike 'dash' looks like some sort of space ship :shock: notice the engine cut out strap, there common on jetskit etc but first time ive seen one on a bike.

    Lucky to be alive i'd say.
  9. Not too surprising really. Marry some guy and he heads off on what is a fairy risky attempt at an endurance effort across the country. Gotta be close to 4500kms in that trip, and he wants to do it in 50hrs, i.e. averaging 90kph before factoring in refuelling, eating, sleeping, calls of nature, and so on. If you're going to crash from fatigue, this would be it.

    All well and good to do it if you're single, but it'd take one heck of an understanding woman to stand by the side of their man after he embarks on what would look (to her) to be a very high risk and foolish adventure, and then proceeds to crash.

    Women tend to want to have their life partner hanging around with them, and she would've just decided to get out and search for someone who would be there as a father to any potential children, rather than off riding on a suicidal mission (in her eyes).

    Not saying it's right or wrong, but I can sure as heck understand just where she'd be coming from, and it'd happen here in Australia too.

    My wife understands me going to the track, understands me going out and carving up the twisties - she's even watched the on-board videos and still sees me off at the garage door with the words "Have fun!", but even she draws the line at me wanting to undertake long-distance sustained speed touring where fatigue is a major risk factor, like I used to do in my younger days.
  10. Simply wearing a full face helmet cannot keep a crash from occurring, however, riding with an open face helmet could allow a rider to respond more quickly because of visually recognizing potential hazards sooner, thus decreasing the severity of the injury sustained or avoiding injury all together.
    The simple fact is that an open face helmet will allow more peripheral vision, which means even your head check need only be a 1inch head movement, keeping your eyes on whats in front of you longer than when wearing a full face.
    And if you do happen to crash with a full face it’s the chin bar that you really want to disintegrate while the rest of the helmet stays intact as the chin bar can cause neck injuries by either rotating or compressing the spine.

    An Australian study by Monash University concluded that “facial injuries were. . . not significantly more common among those wearing open-face helmets than full-face helmets . . . "
    (source: case control study of motorcycle crashes, FORS contract report CR174)
  11. i never said I wear a full face helmet to prevent crashing
    i wear it to protect my face should I crash.

    i did read your entire reply, but after seeing the pics of scorpius's son's face after their accident, i'll keep the full face.
  12. Well, at least the tyre valves are still intact!
  13. And I don't want to sound like a smart a$$, but remember we are hearing one person's view here, and that seems good enough for you :wink:

    Here's a good read about full face helmets and Snell testing http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/motorcycle_helmet_review/
  14. That's very interesting reading there Toecutter. Cheers.

    As for one point of view being good enough for me, I was merely stating that I agree with the theory. Also, based on reasoning along the same lines, I shall choose to only buy and use conventional full face helmets. Simply a statement on my thoughts, nothing more, nothing less. :)