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Coalition to implement national identity card?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. A COALITION government would revive the controversial Howard-era plan for a national access card to identify every individual receiving government benefits, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has revealed

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  2. Assssshoooooooolllllleeeeeeessssss
  3. Silly policy to implement. I can't see any real benefit to that and I can't imagine it winning any votes either.
  4. Who cares really.
  5. from tomorrow night they're going to have their hands full trying to save money, not spend more on pie-in-the-sky schemes ...
  6. Exactly....
    They've been bringing up the same boring crap for years and besides, we all have tax file numbers, medicare card with id numbers, license with photo, etc so they ALREADY have all they need.....
  7. correct!
  8. i dont care about any card or whatever, just get the labor party outta here!
  9. I agree.

    Mind you, I dont have any problem with any government pulling up on welfare cheats. I have never ever been on welfare, ever, and I have done some shitty work over the years. It fux me off no end to see these idiots living off my hard work. I left school at 15, moved out of home, worked my ring off to get an apprenticeship then went to uni. Now I own a business and these fukers want to scab off me and my employees.
  10. Do you oppose youth allowance for uni students?
  11. Joe Hockey is an ass bandit that needs to be shot, he is the worst thing in government
  12. Labor has already started implementing parts of the Australia/tracking card in Victoria. It's called MYKI and so far it's cost us far more than paying the pension to a few hundred thousand old folk. There are also e-tags, speed and red light cameras, surveillance cameras etc. All they have to do is throw in RF chips and connect the dots.
  13. too many uni student just 'expect' to get youth allowance that really shouldnt. my school year (finished year 12 in 2008) was the year that the changes came into effect. most of my mates just planned to work for 1 year just to get coin off the government, not to save for uni. its stupid. one mate earned $25g last year doing sweet fa but still doesnt have any money after all that and youth allowance.

    i didnt take a year off, i went straight to uni and because of the finanical position of my parents i cant get any 'youth assistance' i dont mind though, at least im not a burden like all the other sponges out there.

    i dont cry poor, i work 1 day a week to pay for my books and fuel costs (no public transport here, i do over 650km a week just to get to uni) so money is tight. but at least im not rorting the system. needs to be tougher to get it, people want everything on a platter these days and just cant deal with cutting it fine.
  14. Praytell, then, how you pay rent, food, petrol, insurance, phone bill, power bill, water bill, rental bond, and the other million unplanned expenses working one day a week with no youth allowance?

    How do you propose future doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, surveyors and teachers finish their studies with no support? Do you really think you can support yourself through your whole degree on the money you made in the 2 months between year 12 and Uni?
  15. Im guessing he lives with his parents?
    Otherwise i cant understand why he would rent so far away from uni...

    Sounds like me, I dont get youth allowance either, not that im complaining. Even if i didnt live with my folks, i still couldnt get any to help pay for rent etc as im not classified as independent till im 25.
  16. the thing is, there is too many people sponging off the system that shouldnt be. i know of people that live with their folks, don't pay any bills etc and still get the youth allowance. its a little silly i think.

    im all for people getting youth allowance that need it, but not sponges that are getting it now. the rules needed to change, not how they did but differently.

    for one, as soon as i left school i worked 5 days a week (had 5 days off over xmas) until i started uni at the end of feb. so i had a fair bit of cash saved up. i didnt blow it all on going out and getting drunk or overpriced pieces of technology like others. then in my first year i worked 1 full day, and 2 half days (before and after uni) and on saturday nights so that i had enough money. i was making more than i would have got with youth allowance anyway, so it can be done without.

    then in holiday periods i would work 5 days a week to cover more expenses. to be honest, i have the cash flow to be able to pay for all the expenses and still have enough money sitting in the bank for those little suprises that occur. some people just cannot manage their finances and getting the youth allowance doesnt help. i think it needs regulating on what it is spent on too.

    yes i would like to spend my coin on a motorbike or some other cool stuff but i know its not the best financial move i can make at the moment, so it has to wait.

    some of my mates say that they are struggling to pay for food etc and i had a look at the purchases and theres that much crap thats not needed. do you really need 2 slabs of beer a week? the youth allowance money just gets wasted in most cases, a bit of forced budgeting would sort this failure called youth allowance out.

    yes i live at home but if i was told to leave, i could still afford it. sure i wouldnt be in the best house in town but at least im not being a sponge.

    i don't really like sponges.
  17. Problem is, there are uni students cutting it fine who get scurvy from eating two minute noodles on YA. Scrimping and saving are all well and good in moderation, but forcing students to live near the poverty line (due to the cost of accomodation near uni's) is done for the popular vote, not because it results in a better outcome. It also adversely affects marks and learning.

    Also, I don't know what course you're doing, but if you could afford to live out of home without assistance it doesn't sound that full on. In the final year of my degree, I was at uni six days a week, including over mid-semester break. People who had to work to support themselves saw their marks suffer.
  18. Spot on gordy. Last year I worked part time and my grades suffered badly. Now I spend around 40-50 hours on my uni, not an unusual number for a lot of students. After rent comes out of my centrelink, I'm left with 90 bucks a week, and I'm sharing accommodation with friends. I realise you dislike people taking advantage of the system although I do think your personal experience with friends living at home is not representative of the majority of students who need to relocate away from parents to study.
  19. I think everyone needs to take a step back and look at how much YA actually is. It certainly doesn't lend itself to a very luxurious lifestyle.
  20. Ive been unemployed for a total of 15 months since turning 18, and on welfare for a total of 10 of those months, as income support between 4 jobs. I was on aus study for a year at TAFE when i was 17 as well.
    All jobs have finished due to an end of contract or project, and not me quitting, or being fired etc.
    Ive always been honest with centrelink, and looking for work regardless of being on welfare at the time or not, and i only knocked on their door when it has been necessary - ie i was going broke :p.

    Some of the people i saw in there when doing paperwork (paper trail was a mile long 3 years ago when i was last on it - for a total of 3 weeks before i got a job :p wasnt worth the bother) or handing in forms etc... honestly you could tell by the look and behaviour they were going to spend their lives as 'government workers' (dole bludgers :p).

    Ive no issue against honest people looking for work who need support. Ive no issue with people who are studying who need support. I do have issue with people who mooch off the system whatever form they take.

    edit: on topic though, identity card they can shove it up their ass :p. Pointless addition on top of everything else.