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Coaching @ Champions Ride Day, how does it work?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    Just thought I'd give you an insight into what happens with coaching on Champions Ride Days, if I'm coaching (usually Winton, Broadford and Mallala).

    The fee is $150 on top of your ride day fee.

    We group all pupils (anywhere between 3 & 10) together in the same garage with the instructor; great for after session de-briefs.

    1/2 hour before riders briefing we take a drive around the circuit together for some track advise.

    First classroom session, before the first on-track ride, discusses riding posture, machine control settings and preliminary discussion on throttle/rpm use.

    Each ride session we all head out as a group, usually at the tail of the speed group that you've chosen/been assigned. I sit behind each rider to observe any obvious errors.

    We take in more laps in the car during the lunch break if riders are having trouble following correct lines.

    As the group tends to get faster & smoother as the day progresses, we head out at the front of the speed group in the afternoon sessions.

    I ride with every rider in every session; following & leading by example.

    By mid afternoon some riders are ready to switch to a faster group; I still spend time with them no matter what group they switch to. Each speed group usually gets 7 sessions during the day, I have done 18 sessions in a day over varing groups.

    The photographer on the day has riders pics on display during the afternoon from the morning sessions for you check out; afternoon sessions are put up his website.

    Every student from every class I've taken has got faster, safer & smoother, it is so rewarding to see it.

    Lessons are taught that give you the ability to advance everytime you ride in the future. Many riders/racers have a different style, I teach you what you have to master and help you find the best way for you to tackle it in your own personal way.

    Every one of my pupils has come away with the style of a MotoGP racer!

    Regards, John
  2. Nice work John.

    What kind of allowances do you make for...lets say.. a 1000cc inline 4 to a 250 2t twin?
    Surley the lines and style will be different for these bikes?
    the reason I ask is..
    I have done a few ride days on my old 750 gixxer (maybe about 40ish?) but have not been to the track in over 4 years. I will soon be finished my project NSR250 and will be getting back into doohan a few trackdaze here and there. I'm interested in getting some more schooling as the style of the 2t will call for more cornerspeed and less reliance on outright power.
    I'm really looking forward to getting back onto the track, its been WAY to long, I also reckon that all the dirt/trail riding I've done over the last 4 years has helped with my drift control, but I dont think that that will really come into play with the smaller bike.

    Hopefully I will see you soon out at Broady.
  3. Thanks :)

    Most that I teach is applicable to all bikes, for anyone interested in racing I can give 'class specific' details that will work for them.

    I base my classes on the fact that most people are quite intelligent, I discuss the 'laws of physics' that apply to riding, allowing everyone to work out what is needed for themselves.
  4. This sounds like awesome value Johnno.

    I really need to get to one of these. I've lost all confidence since my crash last year.
  5. To sign-up for coaching just mention it when booking in for a ride day.

    Smoothing-out and getting some order to your riding will bring the confidence back.
  6. If anyone has any concerns as to whether they can benefit from coaching, don't worry, I have been racing for 38 years; coaching for 18 years.

    It doesn't matter whether you are new to riding on L plates, new to track days or been racing for a couple of years, you will get something from this coaching. I am patient and can adapt to all levels of riding ability.
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  7. Great information here. I'm looking at booking in for winton on 22 April. Don't think funds will stretch to the coaching though unfortunately. It will be my first track day and want to get a feel for it. Any pointers for first timers regarding arrival and simple track ediquate?
    Cheers, matt
  8. Try to stretch the budget if you can. It's well worth getting some tuition on your first track day (at the very least), so you can be safer and have more fun while you're on the track. (y)
  9. I did track day coaching at Broadford last year with Champions myself and one other rider

    Excellent I would definitely recommend it well worth the money