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CNC Machining in melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by oohsam, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hey yall..
    Anyone know of a cnc machinist in Melbourne. I need to get a few things made up for my bike, but all the ones I've contacted dont want to do one off jobs...they all seem to just want production type work...

    I reckon this will force me into learning how to machine...and getting all the melbourne based machining business for my fellow bikers....

  2. I know of a guy who does one offs, we use him for work every now & then, but he's not cheap...

    I'll try & dig out the details later today for you.
  3. Awesome thanks man.
    can you define 'not cheap' lol. We may have different versions..At this point, any price is sounding good as I cant even get that far!
  4. Try someone like BikeCraft in Moorabbin that pretty much just do custom work?
  5. I know an older bloke in Geelong that may do one offs for you. Let me know if you're interested and I'll chase him up.
  6. Sorry dude, I forgot all about this, I'll try & get the info today!
  7. Dear oohsam, please excuse then lateness of my reply, the company I was thinking of is called Point Precision, the owner Michael can be contacted on (03) 9846 6003, or at http://www.pointprecision.com.au/index.html.

    Regards, MV.

    (Sorry, been on holidays for a week, answering emails ](*,) )

  8. sorry to jack your thread oohsam, but I'd be interested in this contact roarin? I have a couple of projects that could do with some machine love.