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CNC ebay lever clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by OzzyDevil, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Hi I have a 2010 Sv650S I bought 5 months ago.. Anyway about 2 months ago I bought cnc ebay levers coz it looks cool on my bike.. My problem is this most time slowing for lights or traffic under 60k in low gears my bike will stall and its pissing me off..

    Example I went on a big ride one Sunday bike stalled 20 times slowing down.. The next day bike won't stall.. I put the original clutch lever back on and I had no stalling problems at all.. Does anyone know what might be the problem I am stumped..

  2. did you adjust the cable (assuming that bike runs on a cable)?

    i have a set on the Z, after i adjusted them they worked better than the stock
  3. What Necros said. Definitely sounds like a clutch adjustment issue to me.
  4. Its been ajusted up the top by GrayBM but not down the bottom.. will look into that :)
  5. adjustment at the lever should be all it needs. it should have ~2mm free play.

    something else to note:, my after market clutch lever needed the bush from the stock lever so it would not wobble. check the up and down play, should be similar to stock.

    lastly, your clutch cable may be shot... but check the others first.
  6. Yeah the bush is still there and I still get some up and down play..

    I even had the a juster up near the clutch and it was still stalling..
  7. The cable holder hole at the lever end might be closer to the lever pivot point compared to the stock lever, meaning the cable will be looser even if you adjust it at the lever end. Try adjusting at the clutch cover end and see if that fixes the problem. Loosen the lever end first before you adjust the clutch cover end, gives you more room to adjust at lever later on.
  8. Yeah it sounds the problem coz I just never had trouble with the stock one what do ever..
  9. does the aftermarket lever have a clutch switch on it?

    Suzuki's (triumph too) use a rich map when the clutch is pulled in to make it easier to start. Nearly found this out the hard way on my trackie. Can cause a loss in power and stalling, have seen a few bikes like this and its usually the simple things that cause it.

    Just a thought
  10. the switch is usually on the handle bar mount.
    the lever (should) have a surface that activates/deactivates the switch.

    my Z has a clutch switch, which is a little pin that pokes out underneath the bar mount, the replacement leaver has a plate that pushes on this switch so its fully functional.
  11. As Necros said - switch is activated by a matching section on the lever.
  12. I have gone back to standed levers for abit.. Don't have any trouble..
  13. 100% it's not activating the clutch switch. You can bypass the switch with a paperclip/wire if you like, however this means you will be able to start it in gear.....Alternatively, look at how the levers de-activate the switch (as others have said) and see if you can modify the bling ones to do the same.
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  14. I got a set of levers for my sv1000, and the clutch (hydraulic) cant be on the closest setting - has to be on 3/6 for the clutch switch to work. Once there, everything is perfect. Otherwise, the $25 levers work great, look the part and feel nicer than OEM.