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C'mon, this just isn't fair....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. nice... (where'd I put that spare 10 mil??)
  2. My only question is, how much of that 10mill went to buying off local government officials to allow this to happen?
  3. well since it's not a formal race-track, just a custom-made 'country' road, I'm guessing that on his own property he didn't need to ask anyone.....
  4. Must be a slow news day. I heard that years ago, as far as I am aware that's the exclusive 'the farm'.

    Still, pretty interesting to actually hear from the owners etc.
  5. I used to live nearby. It's been there for years, all the locals know about it and I know someone who has driven on it - I think it was with the Alvis Owners Club.

    Seems odd that they have suddenly chosen to write a news report about it.
  6. Guy I know build a track for his kids dirt bikes on his own country property. Council ordered him to remove it because it compromised the 'visual amenity' of the area, and didn't confirm to land-use zoning regulations.
    But some local government aren't that involuted.
  7. That track looks awesome.
    Mick Doohan has a Go kart track on his property that he built for his son. Others have used it.
    There's also a home grown Speedway track in a cane field somewhere that is used for practice. Have seen Paul Morris learning to drive a Sprintcar on it but the practice hasn't worked too well.
  8. As I understand it approval certainly is needed, you need permission to cut a tree down these days...
    Anyway, word I've heard (which is as valuable as you let it be) is he got around legal barriers by calling it a driveway.

    A few nitriders have worked the farm.
  9. Troy Corser lives a few miles away from my place, or at least has a property there, and he has a pretty trick dirt track cut into the side of the hills!
  10. I must widen my circle of friends .................
  11. Depends on the council. I'm not sure if the track comes under Gosford or Wyong Council, but I know Wyong Council used to let you cut down 6 trees a year with trunk diameter up to 100 mm without a permit. In the middle of a rural area, how are they going to know unless someone dobs you in? It could have been already cleared land - there's a lot of farms up there.
  12. The Farm is definitely not a racetrack and it is not a commercial operation. Most people who have driven or riden on it have been invited. I count myself amongst the lucky ones.

    Approval took a lot of careful negotiation with the neighbours, some of whom now help look after the place.

    BTW, It was used for the Casey Stoner Honda add earlier this year.
  13. I am so sad that i had to turn down an invitation to ride here at the start of the year, hopefully i get another shot (i was short of cash and it was forecast to rain) Would be a great ride, i saw this article last night, no idea why its been written all of a sudden, the driveway has been there for many years as far as i know, i remember reading about it on Silvia forums or something back in my cage driving hoon p plater days.

    Im surprised this is the first you have heard about it Hornet,
  14. I have had 2 opportunity's to ride there,didn't do either.As usual either no spare cash or no spare time.Not going to miss another if it comes up.
  15. I'm on the list...

    It's been around a while. Looks the absolute dogs though. Better than EC or PI for people who want to hone riding skills I reckon.