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CMC Daytona - Problem with idle/dying

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Tradey4Life, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Hi, I'm new to the site and I don't know anyone but any help would be appreciated.

    I own a CMC Daytona 50 and every time I start it, it runs fine for a little while maybe 10 - 15 seconds then it starts losing revs and even if I give it gas, it struggles and dies.

    I have tried playing with the idle speed to get it idling abit higher - hasn't worked. The air filter is clean, I can see the fuel filter and there is fuel in it, plenty of oil.

    Any Ideas?? I can't ride it to a shop in it's current state.. :(

  2. Could be power related? How old is the bike & battery? Possibly even dirty carbs...

    Pick up some carby cleaner spray & try that, (~$10 for a can, handy to have) & if you have a multimeter, measure the battery voltage with the bike off & with the bike running, then post up your results.

    If you don't have a multimeter you can pick up cheap ones from tricky d icky for about $15.

    Let us know how you go.
  3. cheers mate, I'll test the battery tomorrow and try cleaning the carby.

    The bike was brand new in September 08. It only had 750kms on it, I looked at transferring the waranty over to my name but the hoops I had to jump through were unbelievable so I'm not going to bother.

    Thanks again and I'll post up after I've tried that
  4. I have no idea what the problem could be, I tested the battery, I pulled the carby apart and cleaned it well, I'm getting good fuel flow through the fuel filter. I cleaned the spark plug.

    It starts fine and runs for about a minute then just struggles and dies.. even if i give it gas it picks up then just dies...

    Anyone?? :(
  5. If it's getting fuel and has spark (you've checked it, earthed to the side of the engine, right?) then check the fuel cap vent. If it's blocked then you'll get symptoms similar to the ones you're describing. Many caps have tiny holes that can do with being opened up a fraction. If you run it on the stand without the cap you'll soon see.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion mate, I did also think the fuel thank breather may be blocked, so I checked that and also tried running the engine with the cap off, still died..

    I really don't know what to try anymore, every day I spend another hour on it, today I checked all electrics, pulled off all the fuel lines and blew through them, I don't really feel like pulling the carby apart AGAIN.. but I may have to..

    aside from that do any of you think it could be something wrong with the CDI?

    A de-restricted CDI was put on when it was bought by previous owner..
  7. You could try posting here www.scootercommunity.com.au

    In the forums section there's at least one thread about the CMC in the Technical Talk section.

    [Edit] Okay, you've already been there. Sorry, nothing else I can think of!
  8. Thanks for the interest bumblebeeman.

    A small amount of progress since a week ago, I purchased a new CDI, fitted that to the bike and it wouldn't even start, got told later that it's the wrong CDI and no refund was available :(

    I cleaned the carby again and this time noticed that under the idle adjustment screw there is a spring, o-ring and washer. The O-ring is wrecked, so i'm hoping that it's the cause of this whole problem. Maybe it's letting enough fuel through for a good idle then it starves the motor I'm not sure. I'm just trying to find this size o-ring at a few bearing shops now, then to fit and test.

    I'll post up when I do.. I'm DETERMINED to get to the bottom of this even though sometimes I feel like launching this $2000 scooter off a cliff.