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CMA Peninsula Cruisers Apollo Bay Ride Sat 26th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Blueser, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. The CMA Peninsula Cruisers are having their first run on Sat 26th Feb.

    They will be supporting CMA West, on their Apollo Bay Run (Great Ocean Road).

    The regular Meeting point is at the Thompson's Rd service centre, cnr Thompson's Rd and Western Port Hwy. Melway map ref 128 K8

    Assemble 6.30am for 6.45am SHARP departure.

    Lunch at Apollo Bay with rest stops on the way

    Anyone wishing to come along on this ride is welcome. Turn up at our regular meeting point and introduce yourself to Roger or myself (Sean on a 03 Honda Blackbird) or PM me if you have any questions

    I just wanted to add this to my first post
    It appears after getting some feed back that some read the word Cruisers and take it to mean that we are all cruiser (type bike) riders, when it actually is suppose to suggest that we dont race but stick to the speed limit (try) and have regular stops for socialising.

    We are mainly Jap/European sports/tourer riders and some cruisers, all skill levels from L&Ps to retirement age people that have been riding all their life.

    I won't mind some feed back to see how many have taken it this way and were put off by the name cruisers?
  2. Did you say 6.30am????? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Pretty gung ho cruisers by the sound of things.
  3. Hi Vic

    Done! :)


    We are keen this is our first ride for the year and the other group is in the western suburbs.

    Nice to see a reference to RedDwarf. My wife and I are HUGE fans of the show and have all the vids and DVDs. :D
  4. They're a gr8 bunch to ride with & if it was my kfwe I'd be going but alas!