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Clutchless Gear Changes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by powinc1, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. A mate told I can change gears on my VTR250 without using the clutch. But will this do damage to the gearbox??

  2. But to answer your question, if done correctly then no. If done not correctly, then yes. Its one of those learn to do it once or twice incase your clutch cable snaps, but avoid it unless you're 100% comfortable with being completely accurate with revv matching.
  3. Rev matching could be hard, because I don't have a tacho.
  4. ALL your questions are answered in the thread I posted above, mon ami :wink:

    Since when did the VTR250 NOT have a tacho??? :?
  5. '02 and earlier from memory Paul.. :wink:
  6. Do it right and you're fine, just don't do it when shifting down. :grin:

    I get it right most of the time but sometimes i stuff it up and get those nasty half shifts from me not being as commited to the change as i should be.

    All comes with experience i suppose, i've only been off restrictions for like 5 months so can't expect to have perfect lines and timing :grin:

    hopefully the advanced course ill be taking soon will get rid of some of my bad habits :LOL:
  7. Yes. :) You get a cookie.
  8. Be firm, be fast.

    And the same applies for clutchless shifting.
  9. Lol @ Port.

    I had to learn quicksmart on my twofiddy Bandit when the clutch leaver snapped.
    Going up is fairly simple, be firm and at the same time let go of the throttle for a split millisecond to release all the tension.

    Going down requires you to know what revs at any given speed in any given gear is.
    My bandit at 100k/hr is doing just on 10k rpm in sixth and just on 12 in fifth. So to go down without clutching, I blip the throttle and push down on the gear peg at the same time, with the revs rising to 12k rpm and the gear being selected. It's split second stuff.
  10. Once i was riding my 200cc quad and the cable snapped, just rode it home using all gears easy.

  11. My VTR250 (2k model, no tacho) has no issues with it.


    load up some force on the shifter, quickly off then back on the throttle and you've just snicked it up a gear.

    Downshifts: (take a bit more practice)

    load up some downward force and this time snap the throttle on then off slightly (you don't need much otherwise you'll end up with a jolt of acceleration )

    Comes in handy when I need to switch songs on the mp3 player but I always try to give the clutch a flick as I find it more comfortable.
  12. If you read through a whole lot of content (The link supplied by hornet) you will note you can’t really Rev match, (And even if you could using feel is far more accurate than a tacho) but you have to have the revs heading in the right direction. If you are going to shift up, you need to dump revs, if you are going to shift down you have to blip the throttle. Be firm but not aggressive on it. I found that up-shifting at high revs was easiest and the best place to start, but now I find it is easiest at low revs when I am just trundling about.
    Start by just feathering the clutch instead of pulling it right in, and progressively get lighter and lighter on the clutch each time you shit until you just simply aren’t using it. I would get good at up-shifting before I started to address down-shifting.